Incidents Experience Impressions Life

On reflection I find some thing in Life to be curious and puzzling.


Recently I went to meet two class mates of mine who studied with me from class 1 to SSLC  (+2 Now)


One is a Man and another is a lady.



He studied with me till I we completed the SSLC and she studied with us till Fourth standard.


Later she went Girls’ section in our school.


Those who are in touch with school friends, especially with whom they have bonded from early childhood will know the special bond with them despite time and distance, when they meet with.


Of course we have been in touch with each other for the past six years in Bangalore.


There was a heated argument between my friends as to till which class we studied together.


She declared that we studied together till 4 standard and my other friend claimed that we did not study in the same class/section at all.


The argument heated up and my friend’s’ husband joined the discussion and confirmed we studied together in the same class till fourth standard.


He also studied in the same school and three years senior to us.


They wanted me to mediate as I am reputed to have a good memory.


I told them,


” I can remember that we studied together till 4 class and boys were shifted to another section.


The confusing thing is that I remember my friend’s (woman in discussion) face and another girl, whose face I can not recollect(?), but know she was good-looking(!)”


This post is not about what went on with us friends on this issue.


But what happens to us and our Life’s experiences over a period of time.


I remember some one to be pretty without recollecting her face( my friend gave her name).


Similarly I remember some of the most painful moments in my Life like my mother’s death, first wife’s death,death of my brother’s grand child in its mother’s hand, which I took away from her hands to prevent my brother’s daughter feeling sad about the fact the child had died in her hands;


I recall my most pleasant moments in my career but not the worst problems.


Even the pain I recall has dimmed but at times I am overtaken by it.


But one thing is clear.


My reaction to these issues, now, is not very passionate .


They pass through my mind’s eye as  fleeting images.


I am not affected by them.


What is an incident becomes an experience when we react.


We become passionate, disturbed,anxious and worry so much as if Life would end there.


It does not seem to be so.


What has been an experience becomes nothing more than a fading memory.


I do not get involved, though some of these incidents appeared ,at that time, to affect my life radically.


On hindsight it does not seem so mentally.


Another curious fact is that most insignificant things get recalled but not what I thought was very important.


Like a game played on the street in childhood, a meal with a stranger in a Train, the hotel where I stayed in a town…..


Is Life all but a series of fleeting impressions?


Seems so, to me.


I shall be posing on what Hinduism and Buddhism say on this at the philosophical level.



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