We Express Better Than We Know Why

Recently my close friend told me of some of his observations on what they speak about subjects, at time, in detail to the astonishment of others, including the Speaker.

He added further.

Kannadasan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Couple of years back some one asked me a question on Hinduism, especially about Advaita.

You know that I do not know much about it.

But I spoke for about twenty minutes in detail and every one was surprised.

Funny thing is I was astonished myself.

Even to-day I do not know how I spoke.

Today I can not speak a ew lines about my self.

How and why?

Coming to the present, on some mornings (around 5am), when I do not get sleep , I get a lot of ideas which I am sure are quite novel and I am sure I do not know the subject nor have I read anything on the subject before.

Can you tell me why?”

He is not a very pious a man but has religious orientation like most of us.

I had given a serious thought about this.

I have seen these instances in many people including me.

Many times I have spoken on subjects in detail with authentic references  though I had not prepared on the subject.

I have also noticed , when I lecture on a subject, I normally prepare thoroughly.

But when I reach the Podium, I deviate from the prepared points(which I keep in mind, never in on paper as this distracts me), I speak fluently better than I had prepared.

Come to think of it, great compositions happen this way.

( I am not comparing myself with any of these)

Greatest lines in literature (in my view).

Age can not wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety,

Other women cloy the appetites they feed,

She makes most hungry where she most satisfies’ – Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra.

Or Kalidasa in Kumara Sambhavam.

Vagarthadaiva samprktau vagarthaa pratipattaye
Jagatah pitarau vande Parvati Parameshwehvarau

” In order to achieve the comprehension of word and meaning, I salute
the parents of the universe, Parvati AND Parameshwara, who are
inseperable like word and its meaning.

Or Abhirami Bhattar in Abhirami Andhadi.

அன்றே தடுத்து என்னை ஆண்டுகொண்டாய், கொண்டது அல்ல என்கை
நன்றே உனக்கு? இனி நான் என் செயினும் நடுக்கடலுள்
சென்றே விழினும், கரையேற்றுகை நின் திருவுளமோ.-
ஒன்றே, பல உருவே, அருவே, என் உமையவளே.

Gist of this is that, Abhirami,whatever I do and whatever might happen to me, even if I am stranded in the midst of Ocean, It is your job to save me”

This can be enjoyed only in the original.

Or some of the lines of Kannadasan in Tamil Films.

Kannukku Kulam Ethu,

Kangal Enge,

Ponal Pogattum Poda,

Mayakkama Kalakkama.

I  can go on adding to the list.

I shall post on the Poems I have enjoyed in Tamil and Sanskrit.

When I asked Poet Kannadasan  whether  he can produce some of the great lines he had penned again, he  replied


He said he wrote as the mood set in and he can not even remember how he got around to producing these lines .


Psychologists  try to explain these things in a lot of ways.

I am qualified in Psychology and the explanations and theories are labored and unconvincing.

To me it seems that certain things are expected to be expressed at a certain time by certain people.

And we happen to be the instruments.

My friend agrees.

Do you?

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2 thoughts on “We Express Better Than We Know Why

  1. If anybody asks me to quote one song that has influenced you so much that you cannot forget in your life time, I would say that `Malarndum malarada’ a fine lullaby which is haunting me even after 57 years of existence which is penned by the great Kavignar Kannadasan


    1. Problem is choosing,.You have many,Aaru Mname aaru,Veedu Varai Uravu,Nilavukku ennadi enmel,satti suttathada,Naan Pesa Ninaippathellam,Pramasivan kazhuthil,Nilavaipp paarthu Vaanam sonnathu,Nilave ennidam nerungaathe,Pon enmen, Thanga Rtham Vandhadu veedhiyile,Aattuvitthaal Yaarorivar,Yaarai Nambi Naan poranthen,Poonchittu Kannagal pon mani deepathil……….


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