Sarabeswara , Thirubhuvanam Sarabeswara Gayatri

I have posted an article on Prathyngira and in the same article I have included Sarabeswara Astothram.


Sarabeswara worship is recommended to ward off ill effects of Black Magic, Mental disorders and relief from long , vexatious legal entanglements.


Delayed marriages, delay in begetting a child, these problems are also  solved.



There are many temples of Sarabeswara.


The temple a Tribhuvanam, near Kumbakonam is quite famous.


The form of Sarabeswara is a combination of Shiva, Vishnu, Kali and Durga.


  Praying for 11 weeks or lighting 11 lamps or doing 11 pradakshanams is recommended.


Temple Timings and Festival.


Temple Timings 5 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 1030pm.

The annual festival is celebrated on Pankuni Uthiram day (April month) and thirukalyanam is done.

Festival for Lord Sarabeswara is celebrated annually.

During this festival, laksharchanai and ekadhina laksharchanai are done.

Special pujas are conducted during Rahukaalam on every day, especially on Sundays.

Saraba homam is done for any devotee’s star. You have to register with the temple office. Kattalai archana for 11 weeks can also be done.


Sarabeswara Gayatri.


Saluvesaya Vidmahey Pakshi rajaya Deemahi Tanno Sarabha: Prachodayath”


Sarabeswara Mantra.


Neela Kantaya Rudraya Sivaya Sasimousiney,
Bavaya Bava Nathaya Pakshirajaya theynamaha:|
Gangadaraya Sambaya Paramananda Thejasey,
Sarvesvaraya Santhaya Sarabaya Namo Namaha: ||
These mantras may be recited 11 times a Day for 45 days for relief from terminal illness , apart from what has been stated at the beginning of he article.




  1. Very devotional. I understand that so many holy places are around Kumbakonam but there is no idea of the importance to locals. Very sad.


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