Different Colors Of Vishnu Yugas

Lord Rama was blue-black.

Krishna was Black.

The term Krishna means Black.

Both Rama and Krishna are the Avatars of Vishnu.

Then why the difference in skin tone?

I checked.

Vishnu appears as,in

Krita Yuga

White, with four arms,with hair pulled up(Jatamakuta),

Wearing Maravuri, clothes made of  barks,

with Akshamala Kamandalu and Dhanda.

Treta Yuga.


Golden hair-locks,

With Vedas as Four Arms.

Dwapara Yuga.


With Peethamabra,

Sri Vatsa,,

Chank(Conch),Chakra, Gatha.

Kali Yuga.


Bare arms and Arrows.

Source.Bhagavatha Purana Chapter 30.


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