Brahmin With Tuft In Lemuria Kumari Kandam

There are many views about the sunken continent of Lemuria, Kumari Kandam.

The model of a human figure found here showed a tuft on the head of a person.png
The model of a human figure found here showed a tuft on the head of a person.
Brahmin with Traditioanl Tuft at the back of the Head.png
Brahmin with Traditioanl Tuft at the back of the Head.

I have posted articles on this, Lemuria The Home Of Tamils,Tamil Nadu,the Whole of Tamil Land,Lemuria Climate, Tamil dates over 50,000 years.

The views currently in vogue are.

1.Lumria, Kumari Kandam had an independent culture , different from the Sanatana Dharma-I do not subscribe to this view.

I have posted an article with evidence that Sanatana Dharma was the Religion of the Tamils.

2.The Aryans pushed the Tamils in Lemuria towards the South.

This is based on the now busted Aryan Invasion theory.I do not agree to this.Arya Invasion Theory a, A Myth-please refer my post.

3.The Kumari Kandam people pushed the Aryans to towards the north, triggering exodus to Europe.

This calls for more investigation and I shall post my views on this.

There additional archaeological proof that the Kumari kandam had been a Home for Sanatana Dharma, specifically the Brahmins.

Skeleton Models found in Gobekli Tepe and Nevali Cori located on the Euphrates in Southern Turkey show temples and figures carved in stone established at a time between 10th and 8thMillennium BC.

The  tufted Brahmin image/idol is found here.

Turkey and Euphrates valley was a part of KumariKandam and there is a view that the Sumerian Civilization might have links to it, Tamils might be the forerunners of the Sumerians.

This fits with my contention that an already evolved people of the South called Kumeru had gone to the North and established Sumeru and continued their Vedic practices.

The excavated region has the features resembling temples. The interesting feature of the temples is that they are oval or circular shaped.

More iformation on this to follow.


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4 thoughts on “Brahmin With Tuft In Lemuria Kumari Kandam”

  1. In many of the movies involving chinees v can see people with turf. One has to conclude that turf is not of brahmins alone


    1. The Tuft tied ina particular fashion is used by Brahmins of a specific sect,which is not practiced by other Brahmins even.Howver your point has merit, but the searces I have made do not throw up the specific image.Regds


  2. It could be a bucket, A snake or something. Just because it looks like a head doesn’t mean you can come to a convenient conclusion. If you really think its a head of a brahmin, why don’t you post the other side of the unknown figure ? I am not trying to be derisive. I’m just saying we cannot conclude with insufficient information.


    1. Your point is taken.
      Other evidence linking Tamils with Middle east and Sumerian culture remain.
      So is archaeological and the astronomical evidence.
      These factors have been linked,
      And please refer my post on the oldest temple in Turkey built by Brahmins .
      All these have been pieced together and I have published quite a few articles on the spread of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world .
      That is the reason for this Theory.
      Yes You could be right in as much as one can not believe anything for anything could be anything else.
      Under that condition all Knowledge is Illusory, precisely what Hinduism says.


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