Dinosaur Makara Bhagavatha Purana Sighted

There is a charge against me,and people who quote Puaranas and Vedas, that I belong to ‘I told you so’ group.

That is when a scientific theory s unearthed I write that this is the Vedas or Puranas…….

The Speed of Light, use of UFOs….

Most of the things said by the Hindu texts looked ridiculous some time back and they are facts.

I have come across an interesting information on MakaraThepry


There is a charge against me,and people who quote Puaranas and Vedas, that I belong to ‘I told you so’ group.

That is when a scientific theory s unearthed  I write that this is the Vedas or Puranas.

Indra, Hindu God riding Makara Angkor Complex,jpg
Indra, Hindu God riding Makara Angkor Complex,Cambodia.

They ask me why did not I say this before the discovery by Science?

My answer is that I wait till Science talks non sense and if it is  so I quote the relevant material from the Vedas/Puranas..

I have articles where I say that there are  more planes of existence than the seven confirmed by physics.

One has to await Science’s(?) confirmation.

The Speed of Light, use of UFOs….

Most of the things said by the Hindu texts looked ridiculous some time back and they are facts.

I have come across an interesting information on Makara.

Thought to be a Myth, now it is sighted in Vietnam.

Scroll down for Video.

*The Video has been rmoved by Youtube,

As it happens, sensitive information about Hinduism,Sanatana Dharma get deleted from the Net.

This is not new to me..

News about explossive information on Snia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi , 2 G scam wriiten by me get removed.

I have been able to save the texts of these articles and I have been reposting them regularly only to be erased again!

Would some one tell me how to save the Video Links?

Makara sighted in Vietnam.jpg
Makara sighted in Vietnam.

Makara (Sanskrit: मकर) is a sea-creature in Hindu mythology. It is generally depicted as half terrestrial animal, such as a crocodile, and in hind part as aquatic animal, in the tail part, as a fish tail or peacock tail. At Ta Prohm, near Angkor Wat and built by the epic builder king Jayavarman VII in the late 1100s, a small carving on a crumbling temple wall seems to show a dinosaur – a lizard, to be exact. The hand-sized carving of the hindu-buddhist Makara can be found in a quiet corner of the complex, a stone temple engulfed in jungle vegetation where the roots of centuries-old banyan trees snake through broken walls. …

Type DinosaursRiver monster
First Sighting 1500 BCE
Last Sighting 2013
Country India, Cambodia and Vietnam (Southeast Asia
Habitat Rivers of Southeast Asia
Possible Population Unknown

Makara’ is a Sanskrit word which means “sea dragon” or “water-monster” and in Tibetan language it is calledthe “chu-srin”, and also denotes a hybrid creature. It is the origin of the word for crocodile ‘mugger’ (मगर) in Hindi. The English word ‘mugger’ evolved meaning one who sneaks up and attacks another. The name is applied to the Mugger crocodile, the most common crocodile in India, and is descriptive of its aggressive feeding behavior.

Meanwhile, Josef Friedrich Kohl of Wurzburg University and several German scientists claimed that makara is based on dugong instead, based on his reading of Jain text of Sūryaprajñapti.

The Makara in India is known to be the vahana(vehicle) of Ganga-devi – the goddess of the river Ganges and the vahana of the god of the sea, Varuna. A Makara is also the insignia of Kamadeva (god of lust) and Kamadeva’s flag is called makara-dhvaja, a flag having the Makara drawn on it. In Hindu astrology the Makara is also the astrological sign of Capricorn. A little research reveals this strange mythical creature to have been very popular both in ancient times and in our present day. But is it mythical?

The Makara is often depicted with the head of a crocodile, horns of a goat, the body of an antelope and a snake, the tail of a fish or peacock and the feet of a panther. Varuna is said to be the only one who can control the Makara and does not fear them (save and except for Krsna that is).

In some English translations of the Gita, for simplicity of reading, ‘makara’ has been translated as shark. But it is not a shark. The Timingila that is often mentioned along with the Makara in other Vedic texts is classified as a shark – a shark of monstrous proportions. This has been discussed at length in Krsna Talk #88.

Mahabharata mentions the Timingila and Makara as being deep within the ocean, along with other huge sea creatures:

timingilah kacchapasca tatha timi timingilah
makarascatra drsyante jale magna ivadrayah

“There were seen Timingilas, tortoises, Timi-timingilas and Makaras, that were like great rocks submerged in the water.” (MahabharataVana Parva. 168.3)

The Ayurvedic text of the 6th century BCE known as Susruta Samhita also lists the Timingila and Makara as being amongst the formidable species of aquatic life:

mahamina-rajiva prabhrtya samudrah

“The Timi, Timingila, Kulisa, Paka-matsya, Nirularu, Nandi-Varalaka, Makara, Gargaraka, Candraka, Maha-mina, and Rajiva etc, constitute the family of marine fish.” (Susruta Samhita, Ch.45)

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Makaras and Timingila are mentioned as predators, attacking Markandeya Rsi:

ksut-trt-parito makarais timingilair upadruto vici-nabhasvatahatah
tamasy apare patito bhraman diso na veda kham gam ca parisramesitah

“Suffering from hunger and thirst, attacked by Makaras and Timingila and battered by the waves and the wind, Markandeya wandered through the infinite gloom that enveloped him. Overcome by exhaustion, he lost all sense of direction and could not ascertain what was the sky and what was the earth.” (Bhag. 12.9.16)





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  1. one side you are calling Hinduism Scientific n most ancient other way you are using word HINDU MYTHOLOGY! #JustCurious WHY is that so


    1. Reason is that everything connected with Hinduism is regarded as Myth.It is being proved as scientific.The generic name given is Myth.To reach more people and to enable people find the seacrh easier in Google, I use both the words, though those who read would know what I am writing about,just as You hve done now.You might also notice that I us Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma the same way in the same post for the same reason


  2. So far I have read quite a lot of eyeopening information about our Dharma. It is really heartening to know the rich culture, arts and science our our ancestors. I have downloaded most of your articles as it is very informative. Continue your good work, keep it up.


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