Krishna Casteless Cowherd Coward Of Unsound Mind

After the conclusion of the Raja Suya aga, The Panadavas had to perform the Agra Pooja, the First respect to be paid .

Among those present Lord Krishna was The One who deserved this Honor.

The Cosmic form Krishna.Image.jpg
Lord Krishna Viswaroopa

Excepting one.

That was Sishupala.

Lord Krishna st there , smiling at His insults.

This is described in an interesting manner in Villi Bharatham,Tamil.

Bhima, who was sitting near Krishna, asks him,

” He (Sishupala) keeps on insulting You.

You are keeping quiet, smiling.

I can not.

I shall go and finish him off.

Krishna replied,

‘Wait, I have promised his mother, my aunt, that I shall bear with his 100 insults.”


‘What  if he stops at 99’


‘It is his fate that he completes 100 insults and that I should kill him’

Sishupala completes his 100 insults and Krishna kills him

I am reproducing a sample of Insults.

Read the original in Vyasa Bharata and Magha’s Sishupala vadha.

If one reads the original, one would  that this is a Tribute to Krihsna, called Nindha Stuhthi.

Sisupala remained in his seat, but when he became angry at Krsna’s being honored, Sisupala stood up suddenly, and, raising his hand, began to speak very strongly and fearlessly against Lord Krsna. He spoke in such a way that Lord Krsna could hear him very distinctly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I can appreciate now the statement of the Vedasthat, after all, time is the predominating factor.

In spite of all endeavors to the contrary, the time element executes its own plan without opposition.

For example, one may try his best to live, but when the time for death comes, no one can check it.

I see here that although there are many stalwart personalities present in this assembly, the influence of time is so strong that they have been misled by the statement of a boy who has foolishly spoken about Krsna.

There are many learned sages and elderly persons present, but still they have accepted the statement of a foolish boy.

This means that by the influence of time, even the intelligence of such honored persons as are present in this meeting can be misdirected.

I fully agree with the respectable persons present here that they are competent enough to select the personality who can be first worshiped, but I cannot agree with the statement of a boy like Sahadeva, who has spoken so highly about Krsna and has recommended that Krsna is fit to accept the first worship in the sacrifice.

I can see that in this meeting there are many personalities who have undergone great austerities, who are highly learned, and who have performed many penances.

By their knowledge and direction, they can deliver many persons who are suffering from the pangs of material existence.

There are great rsis here whose knowledge has no bounds, as well as many self-realized persons and brahmanasalso, and therefore I think that any one of them could have been selected for the first worship because they are worshipable even by the great demigods, kings and emperors.

I cannot understand how you could have selected this cowherd boy, Krsna, and have left aside all these other great personalities. I think Krsna to be no better than a crow–how can He be fit to accept the first worship in this great sacrifice?

“We cannot even ascertain as yet to which caste this Krsna belongs or what His actual occupational duty is.

” Actually, Krsna does not belong to any caste, nor does He have to perform any occupational duty. It is stated in the Vedas that the Supreme Lord has nothing to do as His prescribed duty. Whatever has to be done on His behalf is executed by His different energies.

Sisupala continued: “Krsna does not belong to a high family.

He is so independent that no one knows His principles of religious life.

It appears that He is outside the jurisdiction of all religious principles.

He always acts independently, not caring for the Vedic injunctions and regulative principles.

Therefore He is devoid of all good qualities.” Sisupala indirectly praised Krsna by saying that He is not within the jurisdiction of Vedic injunctions.

This is true because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That He has no qualities means that Krsna has no material qualities, and because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He acts independently, not caring for conventions or social or religious principles.

Sisupala continued: “Under these circumstances, how can He be fit to accept the first worship in the sacrifice?

Krsna is so foolish that He has left Mathura, which is inhabited by highly elevated persons following the Vedic culture, and He has taken shelter in the ocean, where there is not even talk of the Vedas.

Instead of living openly, He has constructed a fort within the water and is living in an atmosphere where there is no discussion of Vedic knowledge. And whenever He comes out of the fort, He simply harasses the citizens like a dacoit, thief or rogue.




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