Collector Removes Hindu Symbols Upaveeda Sindoor

This has not happened in Abu Dhabi ,Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan.


This took place in Sitharkottai, Ramanathapuram district ,Tamil Nadu.


District Collector's  Office,Ramanathapuram.Iamge.jpg.
District Collector‘s Office,Ramanathapuram


Students sporting tilak on their foreheads and amulets on their bodies were stopped by the Physical Instruction teacher of a Government-aided minority institution before they entered the school premises.


The sacred threads and rakshas (amulets) worn for protection round the necks or arms were cut off, and the sindoor, tilak on the foreheads erased.


What s most painful is that the Collector who ordered thus is one Nanadakumar, presumed to be a Hindu!


Read this report.


None of the Newspapers, TV channels, let alone the Secular Media reported this or reported in such a way that no one notices it!



This is not the first time of such incidents happening , the media keeping mum on such incidents and the Government taking no action.


My post of December 20,2013.


Ramanathapuram district, 527 km south of Chennai, which houses Rameswaram Temple and many holy shrines, is getting out of bound for outsiders. Local Jamaath Councils have issued ‘fatwas’ declaring Muslim-majority villages out of bound for people even from the district itself.

Entrances to Athiyuthu, Puthuvalassai, Panaikulam, Azhagankulam and Sitharkottai sport such boards, all put up by the local Jamaath Councils. “There are boards deep inside these villages which declare outsiders are not allowed,” said B Arumugam, who acted as a guide to this correspondent. Interestingly, all these villages have a strong Muslim population.

“Advertising (banners, posters and pamphlets) and honking (from vehicles) without permission is prohibited inside the Panchayath. By Order – Muslim Jamaath Thajul IslamSangh, Pottakavayal”, is the board which welcomes the visitor to the village entrance on the Attrankarai Road, hardly 10 kilometre from Ramanathapuram town. “For the last 20 years, only Muslim candidates had been elected from this constituency. Only Muslimscould be elected from this Assembly constituency,” said N Suriyaprakash, a civil engineer-turned-politician.”


Now to the present story.


When agitated parents rushed to complain to Ms. Zarina Lotus, headmistress of the Muhammadiya Higher Secondary School, Sitharkottai, Ramanathapuram district, she reportedly claimed to be implementing thediktat of the District Collector, as per the version of Shri Ramesh (name changed), father of one of the affected children. The agitated parents accompanied by Shri Prabhakaran, district head of Hindu Makkal Katchi, met District Collector K Nandakumar and complained about the incident. But the District Collector not only justified his order, but challenged them to take the matter to the courts, as per the version reported by the Hindu Makkal Katchi leader.


Since the students come to school sporting religious symbols, quarrels ensue and hence students have been sent to Reformation Schools. Policemen in Mufti who have been keeping watch had reportedly stated that the raison d’etre behind the occurrence of these quarrels are religious symbols and listed the schools where such incidents occurred”, continued Ms. Zarina Lotus.


Intrigued, the writer and some public minded citizens contacted headmistress Zarina Lotus over the telephone on January 21, 2014, and she again claimed that she was only obeying the orders of the District Collector. Ms. Lotus claimed that during a meeting of headmasters of high schools and higher secondary schools, the Collector had stated that the teachers should advise the students not to sport sacred threads or apply tilak or sport any object that would represent their religion. We sought to know the reason why the Collector would issue such an order.


The headmistress replied that since students come to school sporting religious symbols, at times quarrels ensue, and hence some students have been sent to Reformation Schools. Policemen in mufti who have been keeping watch on the trouble had reported that the raison d’etre behind these quarrels were the religious symbols; they listed the schools where such incidents had occurred.


Accordingly, we sent an e-mail to Shri K Nandakumar on January 22, but have received no reply till the time of writing. His personal assistant, Shri Dharman, said the District Collector was busy and could be contacted later, and disconnected the telephone. Subsequent attempts to contact him failed.


Other Hindu bashing activities in Ramanathapuram reported.


  • Ban on beating of drums in Amman Temples.
  • Changing of routes traditionally adopted by Temple processions.
  • Filing of a case against Hindus, who complained about the slaying of a cow by certain Moslems near a temple at a village called Azhagan kulam.
  • No action against those who broke the memorial pillar of Swami Vivekananda.
  • Punitive action was not taken against those who hoisted the national flag tied to slippers in the village of Pudhumadam.
  • Boards announcing ban on non Moslems entering the village and those banning playing of songs by vehicles on public roads have neither been prevented nor removed.
  • No action was taken against those fundamentalist Moslems, belonging to the area and other states who underwent arms training at Periyapatnam.

I am taking this issue to PM Narendra Modi’s Office through his Socil Media Portal of which I am an invited member.


Will some one take this to Tamil Nadu CM’s Notice?


In the meanwhile, this is the contact details of the Collector ,Ramanathapuram.


Please send Emails on this issue, seeking clarification on this issue/redress/withdrawal of the order.


District Collector
Thiru   K. Nanthakumar IAS
Addl. Collector (Dev) and PO, DRDA
Assistant Collector




Ban On Hindu Symbols


Ban on Hindu symbols – Talibanistic diktat of Ramnad Collector


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4 thoughts on “Collector Removes Hindu Symbols Upaveeda Sindoor

  1. Most Atrocious Indeed that Collector should behave in such crude manner; at this rate, EVEN names like Raman and Krishnan will NOT be allowed in future; ONLY a b c d used ?
    Collector Name Nanda Kumar ? It should be Nazim Akhtar only !! V V SAD step taken by him; – Even in USA all religions enjoy equal respect, – only ensure NO offence of others IS ever resorted to; In recent Spelling Bee contest, a boy 13 yrs sporting Tilak (runner up !) appeared which surprised local Indians ! But no one here objected or raised query ! That IS total courtesy – the Muslims of the district are free to go Pakistan or Middle east country of choice ; why stay in India and show Intolerance like this ? Unpardonable – Collector must be sacked and good citizens should file a PIL against him for such insensible conduct ! Pray some good Samaritan takes up the case; I am NOT against Muslims observing their own edicts BUT they cannot impose their rules on others please; I had many relatives in Nizam – State Capital Hyderabad – despite Muslim King, and priority favors for their group, Hindus were treated with respect; even Tamil/Kerala folks enjoyed high positions in Govt there !!
    One case of dispute between a Ganesh temple and a Mosque with Common Wall (yes they were next to each other in Secunderabad ) was solved amicably viz. temple bells rung did cause Noise which was held nuisance to Namaz on Fridays when many gathered; It was agreed when Namaz starts, they would switch on a Light on compound – during that period the big temple bells were NOT used, only hand held ones for the pooja by the priest; BOTH sides were highly cooperative in the resolution -my uncle was party to the job, I know !
    BASIC Mutual respect IS fundamental for all humans, irrespective of religion, caste etc !!


    1. Mr. Alagesan,

      In return for the very magnanimous gesture of Hindu to not ring the temple bell during Namaz period, did the Muslims reciprocate by not wailing FIVE times a day over loudspeakers, as early as five in the morning? They do this in Chennai, Shastri Nagar, Adyar – over Megaphones that can be heard all over Adyar – sometimes their wailing stretching over 10 minutes continuously! Hindus can’t keep compromising – it is not show of magnanimity, but weakness and stupidity, and sets the path to self-destruction.


  2. Thanks for the article ,which reveal the atrocities done by a Hindu Collector. It is good that you are taking up with PM Narendra Modi. I wish you all the success. I shall follow the link given and lodge a complaint with Collector , Ramanathapuram


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