Why Less Muslims In Lok Sabha-Owaisi The Answer


The representation of Muslims in this Lok Sabha will be the lowest since the first general election of 1952. The 16th Lok Sabha will have just 24 Muslim MPs, down from 30 in the 15th. That translates to 4.4% of the strength of the House. 

Muslims constituted 4.3% of the first Lok Sabha in 1952, but their proportion has hovered between five and six per cent for the last quarter of a century after dropping from a high of 9.3% or 49 members in the LS elected in the 1980 elections. 

The incoming House will have no Muslim MPs from Uttar Pradesh, a first. It will also not have any from Maharashtra, a large state with a substantial Muslim population. The only states to have elected MPs from the community are West Bengal (eight), Jammu & Kashmir (four), Bihar (four), Kerala (three), Assam (two) and Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep (one each). Of these, of course J&K as well as Lakshadweep have Muslim-majority populations.(Zee News)


On the day the Indian Elections 2014 results were being announced,  Asauddin Owisi, wagging a Finger at Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN, the English


News Channel, said belligerently,


Vladimir Putin To Muslims.image.jpg.
Vladimir Putin To Muslims.




‘Now tell Me, why there are fewer MPS in Lok Sabha, why there is no Muslim has been elected in the BJP?




You Media do Modi Namaskar daily,



Tell Me why Muslims have also voted and made Hindus MP?”,



Owaisi the answer is three simple numerical,






September 2001 Twin Tower Attack.



And a host of Bombings.



And Seven Letters of English


Al Qaeda.



You do not threaten people into electing specific people



At this rate you might ask for Minority Reservations in election Results!


Why Hindus  were elected as MPs by Muslims


They are not Terrorists, notwithstanding Religion.


Have you ever watched your speeches on TV?








How many Indian Presidents/Prime Ministers Pakistan has/had?



How many Hindu/Non Muslim Cricket Players are there in Pakistan cricket team?



How many Muslim Nations allow the Hindu law to embolden you to ask for Sharia law in India?



How many temples have you looted?



At least be grateful.



If you do not want to be an Indian, you are free.


Yo do nt get along with Christians, Jews, and even one sect of yours kills the members of the other sect .


With whom shall be you be getting along?


Let the decent Muslims live in India in peace.




Best reply for your ilk is by Vladimir Putin, which I have posted in this post.





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  1. Ramanan, your blog on why Muslim m p s less in 16th loksabha – owaisi the answer…is right on target.

    Explaining why general public are hesitant to elect a Muslim as an m p .

    People like owaisi, who are known for hate speeches, vitiate the cordial relation between Hindus and Muslims and they are bloat in the society.

    They are many Muslims who have contributed in nation building and are in cordial relation with majority caste. These people suffer because of fundamentalist s and terrorists.

    Your posting of putin’s answer to Muslims who want sharia law in Russia is very appropriate and it holds good in any majority country other than Muslims.

    Muslims better mend & learn from their mistakes and live in harmony & coexistence with the other majority caste in any country where they are in minority at least…


  2. I had also seen this debate on TV when Mr. Owaisi was pointing fingers at a senior journalist like Rajdeep Sardesai. These channels have always given the correct figures and even their post poll was approximately right!

    Owaisi was unkind to Mr. Choubey too saying the TV channels are responsible for Modi’s success and that a majoritarian Govt. is created with minimum minority representation.

    But, as far as this election is concerned, Mr. Modi fought it in the lines of development and did not play the caste card or the Hindu card. But, Congress had approached Muslims leaders and asked the leader to persuade the Muslim population to vote for Congress and not vote for Modi.

    In these elections, the BJP too played strategies. Who doesn’t? As long as it is for the betterment of the society, I do not see it as a problem.

    Talking of reservations, well, in my mind, reservations should be given only on the basis of economic status of the individual. Caste based and community based reservations should be abolished. Whether Muslim or non muslim, if he is economically stable then there should be no reservation given to that individual. It is sad that inspite of instructions from Dr. Ambedkar who wrote our constitution, we have kept the caste based reservations alive for so many years! Sad. Let us see how Mr. Modi finds a balance.

    If some one is hungry, congress would give them free food. Obviously, giving free food to the entire poor population is not feasible. Why not, empower them? Why not teach them how to make their living. Providing free food creates a lazy population and with this approach, India will continue to live like a poor nation!

    Hoping to see some change with Modi sarkaar! Jai hind!


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