Jainism a Part of Hinduism?

I had, in a Post, while talking about the Systems of Indian philosophy, remarked that Jainism is taken as  a part of Indian Philosophical Systems  as a




A reader sent in his comment ,


For your information
Jainism is not part of Hinduismor not evolved from it ..Jainism is much older than Hinduism … If you need info about Jainism Mail me but don’t spread wrong info among people…
So do correct your post….’


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The Post,


India is not merely the Home of the Hindus.

Hinduism has given birth to two great Religions,Jainism and Buddhism.

Though these two Religions were initially founded against the Vedic School of Thought, it is a fact that they are included as a part of Hindu tradition.

In fact they are regarded as the nastika sect of Hinduism, meaning one which does not accept the Vedas as the authority.

Most of the essentials of Jainism and Buddhism are from Hinduism.

A separate post follows on this.

It is our responsibility to preserve these monuments and promote them as a part of our heritage.

Jains and Buddhists have contributed a lot to Indian Culture and Literature.

I am providing a list of Jain Temples and historical sites.

The list is not complete.”

I have not stated that Jainism is a part of Hinduism.

However there striking common factors between these two Religions.

1.Both believe in Rebirth or Transmigration of Souls.

While Hinduism believes in the existence of God to act as a sort of Catalyst for the Karmas to bear Fruit.

Jainism declares that Karmas by themselves yield results and Jainism does not believe in the Existence of God.

2.Both Religions in Mind/Spirit and Matter,

Hinduism has One or Dual Realities, depending on whether you are an Advaitin or a Dualist and there shades in between.

Matter in Hinduism is an aspect of the Reality, Brahman and is manifested as the world as a Phenomenon..

Jainism classifies things as Jiva,Soul and Ajiva, Non soul , matter.

Hinduism believes that the Reality is perceived in different times and in different sizes depending on the Perceiver.

Jainism states that the Jiva, Soul can not perceive the Matter per se and is limited  and can not perceive things at the Absolute level.

Shaking off this Limitations  and knowing Knowledge in its Absolute  Form  is Kevala Jnana.

That Karma, to function  does not Ishvara or Personal God is not new to Hinduism.

Mimamsa advocates this.

Adi Shankaracharya demolished this argument.

I shall discuss more points in another post where i shall detail at length the Greatness of Jainism



Jainism Historical Sites Temples List

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2 thoughts on “Jainism a Part of Hinduism?

  1. I would half agree with you both.

    Both Jainism and Buddhism grew out of the ancient Vedic religions that were around in their early history, hence the philosophical similarities.

    In the same vane, Hinduism grew out of these ancient Vedic traditions so maybe is is fairer to say that they are cousins rather than being of Hinduism.

    Saying that, I as a Buddhist do describe myself to be of the Buddhist branch of Hinduism rather than of Vedaism as the latter term is rarely used in modern parlance.

    In my case I do not quibble with the semantics of the issue yet understand my some might, especially with the rise of Hindu Nationalism in India of present.


    1. I like the way you described yourself.
      These Religions are so similar that Adi Shankaracharya id called a Pseudo Buddhist! I am planning some post on Buddhisms as well, at the Philosophical level.

      The purpose is Liberation that’s all..
      As to rise in Hindu Nationalism, it is only the creation of the Media,Hindus are what they have been.Tolerant and accommodating. Regds..


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