Cure Disease ‘Aksheebhyam The ‘ Auto Suggestion Sukta

The Aksheepyamthe Suktha appears in the RigVeda 10.163.


This Suktha is a rare piece in the Veda that contains Auto suggestion for curing diseases.


Thie Aksheebhayaan Sooktha has six couplets.


Regular recital shall provide a Healthy Life and if one is afflicted by Diseases, he’/she will get immediate relief.



Aksheebhyaam the Naasikaabhyaam Karnaabhyaam subugaathadhi


Yakshmam seershanyam masthishkaath jihvaayaa Vivruhaami the. 1


The –  from your ,














Jihvaa- Tongue,




Vivruhaami-Drive away.


I shall  remove  disease from your eyes, Nose,Ears,Cheeks,Head, Tongue and Brain.


KreevaapyasthaUshneehaabhya: Keekasaabhyo,Anookyaath


yakshmam Dhoshanya (a) mamsaabhyaam  Baahupyaam Vivruhaami the-2


The-from your




Ushneekabhya:-from your Head ,

Keekachaabhya -Bones ,

Anokyaath-Joints, ,

Amsaabhyaam -Shoulders,

Thoshanyam-Arms ,

Baahubhyaam-Fore arms ,

Yakshmam-Diseases ,

Vivruhaami -Drive away.

I will  drive away diseases from the Neck,Head, Bones,Joints, Shoulders , Hands and Forearms.


Aaanthraapyasthe Kuthaapyo Vanishtor Hrudayathadhi


Yakkshmam Mathasnaabhyam yagna: Plaasibhyo Vivruhaami the-3


The-from your ,


Aanthrebhya:-Stomach ,


Kuthaabhya :-Anus ,


vanishta -Lower Abdomen ,


Hrudayaath -Heart ,


Mathasnaabhyam– Kidneys ,


Yagna:-Liver ,


plaasibhya :-Internal Organs of the stomach ,


Yakshma- Disease ,


Vivruhaami-Drive away .


I shall drive away the diseases from your Stomach,Anus,Lower Abdomen,Heart,Kidneys, Liver and the internal Organs of the stomach.



Oorubhyaam the ashteevabhyaam Paarshneebhyaam prabhathaabhyaam I


Yakshmam Sronibhyaam paasathaath Pamsaso Vivruthaami the-4


The-From your ,


Oorubhyaam -Thighs, ,


Ashteevathyaabhyaam-Joints ,


Paarshneebhyaam -Balls of the feet ,


Prabhathhabhyam -Lower Legs ,


Sronibhyam-Hip ,




Pamsasa: -Internal Organs,


Yakshma -Diseases,


Viruhaami-I shall drive awy .


I shall drive away the Diseases from the Thighs, Joints, Balls of the feet, lower legs,Hip, Behind and the Internal Organs.



Mehannathvanam karanaalomabhyasthe Nakebhya:

Yakshma Sarvasmaathaathmansthamitham Vivruhaami the-5

The – from your,

 Mehanaath Private parts ,

Vanam Karanaath -Bladder ,

Lomabhya -Hairs ,

Nakebhya: -Fingernails,

Aathmanatham-whatever is in ,

Sarvasmaath-All the parts of the Body ,

Yakshmam -Diseases ,

Vivruhaami-I drive away .

I drive away diseases from Private parts,Bladder, Hair.Fingernails, and from all the parts of the Body.


Angaathanaallomno jaatham Parvani Parvani,

Yakshmam Savasmaathmanasmitham vivruthaami the-6

the-From your ,

Angaath Angaath-Every part of the Body ,

Lom Lomna-from every hair ,

Jaatham-resulting ,

Parvani parvani-Every Joint ,

Aathmanasastham- your ,

Sarvasmaath -All the parts ,

Itham -This,

Yakshmam -Disease ,

Vinuhaami -I drive away .

I drive away every disease from every part of the Body, Hair:every part from which the diseases spring, Joints, and from all parts of the Body

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