Karunanidhi Arrest Unpublished Video


On 30 June 2001, Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested along with Central Ministers Murasoli Maran andT.R. Baalu


I was in Chennai then.


Early morning , I heard a loud wailing from my neighbor’s house, with shout’,


‘They are killing me’


I rushed out fearing the worst, only to find,


Karunanidhi weeping and shouting like a man possessed and insane on SUN TV.


This was the drama he was enacting  on his arrest.


The vent was filmed in such a fashion as if it was scripted.


Karunanidhi and Co were shouting that the Police were arresting them without prior intimation.


If it is true, how come the Crew of SUN Network was in full force and filming the whole event from vantage points?


My posting of this instance is that a New unpublished Video of the incident.


One can see how a Union Minister in the Central Government Behaves with a Police Officer.


The only polite word used by a Lady was , where is the warrant?’


You may be see rowdy behavior all around.


Finally exasperated, the Police gave back.



The Unpublished Video  Click this Link.




On 30 June 2001, Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested along with Central Ministers Murasoli Maran andT.R. Baalu. This event marked the first incident in the history of Independent India that a Central Cabinet Minister was arrested. The incident began when the seventy-eight-year-old former Chief Minister was taken from his residence. Within hours, images of the arrest were broadcast on Sun TV and other network stations.[1] Footage shown on Sun TV saw him continuously resist arrest….


Reports indicate that at 1:30 am on 30 June, Karunanidhi was asleep in the upstairs bedroom of his home when the police broke open the door and asked Karunanidhi to get dressed. The police cut the telephone lines to the house. A television clip showed Karunanidhi falling down and being shoved, pushed, beaten and lifted by police officers in the house. Murasoli Maran, who went to rescue him, was also attacked and arrested when he resisted the arrest of the ex-chief minister. Maran, who was sick from his heart with apacemaker, was admitted to Apollo Hospital after his arrest.[4] T.R.Balu and thousands of DMK cadres were arrested. M.K.Stalin surrendered before a Magistrate.[5] Prime MinisterVajpayee condemned the arrest and demanded a report from chief secretary and Governor.[6][7] The arrest was condemned by many groups across the political spectrum[8]including both human rights groups and the Indian National Congress, otherwise known as a political ally of the AIADMK.


*This version is being questioned.Please check wiki Talk section.




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5 thoughts on “Karunanidhi Arrest Unpublished Video”

  1. Hare Krishna. The video is not accessible, perhaps withdrawn or authorities curbed it. Hare Krishna.


  2. mr. ramanan,

    i have been following you quite some times. but the all current affairs posts clearly shows you dont`t like DMK and its leaders. Even My self is against the DMK` s ideologies. But not against personal. Where as we have to acknowledge the his contributions to state in many ways also in corruption.

    where this case is political vendetta of Smt.Jayalalitha & groups. I have a point she gone to astrologer in kerala and done Chandi homam with offer of animal. She vowed to put Mr. karunanithi in jail. That is only point she insist during pozza times. because she feels that she faced jail on wish of MK. Hence on return she decided to reciprocate even without any solid proof ( DMK peoples done every thing with out any proof) After she became CM, she does not have a proof to arrest MK, Hence she was advised to arrest MK on friday night and put him in prison for 2 days time release on Monday, Only after arresting MK she gone to kerala temples to please the god and offer many gifts to the temple and peoples. Pls note that the particular 2 days she was in kerala. I have been associated with the peoples at that time. Hence i have some knowledge.

    but Sun tv promotions are different. But the arrest of MK is personal vengeance of Smt. Jayalalitha.

    Instead of digging all useless stories you better concentrate promote our culture and tamil translation of Various Mantras and details associated with temples. our traditions etc. which you have already done some way, it is very useful for this generations.


    1. I agree with you.But when one insults Rama and Krishna and denigrates Vedas,Hinduism, I take it personal.I know it is not top priority for Me.But Karunanidhi should never est unchallenged,Yes, It is vendetta Politics,And what is the contribution Kalaignar has made to Tamil and Tamil Nadu? His oratorical skills do not make him a scholar.He is a man who made Tholkaapiyam sound like a sex book.Yes, I shall post more on our Culture.Regds


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