What Are Veda Suktas Samhitas Detailed List

Sama Veda Samhitas have 1875 Riks.

Yajur Veda.

Shukla Yajur has 3988 Mantras.

Krishna Yajur 700 Mantras.

Atharva Veda Samhita

The Vedas are the Scriptures of the Hindus, transmitted Orally for over Five Thousand years.


These are Four in Number and each of them are divided into Four portions,

Rig Veda Mantra on Agni,Fire
Rig Veda Mantra on Agni,Fire

Samhita,which consists predominantly of Hymns.   Bahmnanas, which mainly speak of duties to be performed by a House-holder,


Aranyakas, which contain instructions to be followed when one retires to forest and meditates on The Reality and


The Upanishads, which are inquiries into the Nature of the elf and/Reality.


For more on Vedas please read pots filed under Indian Philosophy/Hinduism.   Samhitas mean ‘Compilation of Knowledge.’



  • The Samhitas form the first part of each of the four Vedas. As Samhita is the collection of the mantras, so sometimes Samhitas are referred to as Mantras. Most of these mantras or hymns are concerned with nature and deities.


Every Veda contains Mantras / Suktas   सूक्त sUkta n. Vedic hymn 
सूक्त sUkta n. song of praise 
सूक्त sUkta adj. well or properly said or recited
सूक्त sUkta adj. well said 
सूक्त sUkta n. wise saying 

 Vedic Suktas: 

A Suktam is a part or portion of Vedic verses in praise of a Deity or group of Deities to please accordingly, and to have a desire fulfilled.


Many Suktas are simple Prayers without any specific mundane goal, the goal being Self Realization.


Each Mantra is of any of these three types.


Rik- Metrical and obeys one of any 100 defined Meters, Verse of Illumination.


Yajur Mantra is Prose.


Sama is detailed rhythmic  singing of A Mantra.


Rig Veda and Atharva Veda have only Rks.


Yajur has both Rk and Yajur(Prose)


There are common verses in both Rig Veda and Yajur Veda Samhitas.


Rig Veda Samhita.


“This is the oldest Vedic text, as also the largest.


It comprises of 10552 mantras in 1028 hymns (=Suktas).


The hymns are divided amongst 10 books called the ‘mandalas’.


Mandala 9 has 114 hymns address to Soma. Mandalas 1 and 10 are considered later additions, for most part.


The Rigveda Samhita is often also divided into 8 parts called ‘Ashtakas’ which are further divided into 8 chapters each.


Thus, there are 64 chapters according to this classification, which is later than the Mandala scheme’.


Sama Veda Samhitas have 1875 Riks.


Yajur Veda.


Shukla Yajur has 3988 Mantras.


Krishna Yajur 700 Mantras.


Atharva Veda Samhita   Atharvaveda Samhitas are Shaunakiya and Paippalada.


The former has 5977 mantras arranged in 20 books called ‘kandas’ while the latter has approximately 7950 mantras arranged in as many kandas.


List of Suktas.

  • From Rigveda
    • aa no bhadraa suukta
    • aayushya suukta
    • aghamarshhaNa suukta
    • Agni Suktam [09:11]
    • akshiibhyam te suukta
    • Alakshmee Naashana Suktam [01:18]
    • Ambhrnee Suktam [02:33]
    • Anna Suktam [14:49]
    • Apratiratham,
    • Baliththaa Suktam [01:42]………………..10
    • Bhagya Suktam [02:07]
    • bhUsUkta
    • Brahma,
    • Brahmanaagni Suktam [01:20]
    • Brahmanaspati,
    • Dasa Shanti
    • devIsukta
    • Dhruva Suktam [02:32]
    • Durgasuktam
    • duurvaa suukta……………………………..20
    • Ganapathy Suktam [18:48]
    • Gharma Suktam [02:50]
    • Ghosashanthi
    • Gnana Suktam [03:32]
    • Go Suktam [02:45]
    • Hiranyagarbha Suktam [03:10]
    • Keshee Suktam [01:42]
    • Kumara,
    • Manyu Suktam [04:30]
    • Manyu Suktam [07:18]…………………….30
    • medha suukta
    • mruttikaa suukta
    • Nakshatra Suktam [10:04]
    • nArAyaNasUkta
    • nAsadIya sUkta
    • Nashta Dravya Prapti Suktam [01:51]
    • Nathamamhona Suktam [02:12]
    • Navagraha Mantraha [08:42]
    • niiLaa suukta
    • Oshadhi Suktam [05:25]…………………..40
    • Pancha Suktam
    • Panchashanthi
    • Patanga Suktam [01:15]
    • Pavamaana Suktam [02:50]
    • Purusha Suktam [03:53]
    • Raja Yakshma Naashana Suktam [01:40]
    • Rakshogna Suktam [10:16]
    • Rathree Suktam [01:34]
    • Rishabha Suktam [01:24]
    • roganirvaaNa suukta………………………..50
    • Rudra Suktam [11:39]
    • sa.nGYAnasUkta
    • Samudra Suktam [03:28]
    • sarasvatii suukta
    • Saraswathi Suktam [09:50]
    • Sarpa,
    • Shanti Mantraha [22:27]
    • shrI sUkta
    • Sowra Suktam [14:00]
    • Sraddha Suktam [01:26]……………………60
    • Srisuktam
    • trisuparNa mantra
    • Vaastu Suktam [01:38]
    • Vaayu Suktam [01:24]
    • Varunasuktam
    • Vishnu Suktam1 [11:17]
    • Vishnu Suktam2 [00:44]
    • Viswakarma Suktam [03:52]
    • Vivaha Mantraha [11:46]
    • Yakshma Naashana Suktam [01:44]………70
  • (FrommahaanaaraayaNopanishhat)
    • duurvaa suukta
    • mruttikaa suukta
    • aghamarshhaNa suukta
    • trisuparNa mantra (to be chanted during serving of food)

Citations. Vedic Samhitas Brahmanas  pdf.   Sanskrit documents     Related articles

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