Quantum Indian Philosophy One Sloka Shankara

The Universe, according to Modern Astrophysics contains 4% of Matter and 96% of Antimatter.

Meenakshi Amman , Madurai
Devi Meenakshi

(Atoms of Matter consists of, in the Atom, Electron with -ve Charge, Proton +Charge, while in Atoms Electrons have +ve charge and protons -ve Charge)

The Purusha Sukta says the Manifested, or Matter, as equivalent to Ten Inches, if the Universe is taken, as a Human Being.

‘Sa Bhoomim Viswatho Vruthvaa Athyathishta Dasaangulam”

Prakriti and Purusha are the two principles of Nature one is Positive  and another Negative, in terms of configuration of Atoms.

Prakriti is Inert while Purusha is Dynamic.

Together  they form the world.

This is one aspect of explaining Ardhanaareswara.

Together, they, Siva and Sakthi  form the world.

Shankaracharya Painting
Adi Shankaracharya.

“Siva Vaama Bhaaga Nilayam’  Shankaracharya explains it this way in the Meenakshi Pnacha Ratnam.

2.If we want to communicate to Aliens and if they want to contact us the most likely medium is Sound.

Other modes like mathematics, high intensity light, one is  not sure whether they could be understood by the other.

One can always understand the primordial Sound.

This idea seems to have struck Spielberg in his movie,’Close encounters of the Third Kind

In the film , the Aliens and the earthlings communicate with each other through  sound, which sounds OM, listen to the Sound in the Film intently.

So the Sabda Pramana, that is Sound is among the highest rated among the Five elements, out of which the other elements evolved.

What is the most natural sound of the world, excepting the one that resonates in Space?

It is the buzzing of the Bees.

How does it sound?


This is the Moola Akshara of Devi.

Sankaracharya describes it as,

“Hreenkaara Manrtojvalaam’

‘You are the One as the Hreenkaara and shine with effulgence.

It is the buzzing of the Bees that is primordial in the world that makes an Akshara.

3.The Universe, according to Quantum, exists at different levels and the Master Controller of the entire Universe is a tiny particle.

(read my post the Universe is Master computer  controlled)

How does Shankaracharya explain this point”

‘Srichakraangitha Bindhu madhya Vasatheem’

The One who resides in the midst of Bindhu( very minute particle) which is in the Srichakra.

4.And what is Space and how does one know directions in Space?

The answer , according to Quantum , is that the Space is everywhere yet we do not know whether it is some where.

So it has to be there , we are sore if it is there, yet . it is to point Everywhere.

Look at the Sri Chakra’s Triangles, they point everywhere but collectively where?


5.The Universe in which we live is one among the many verses, they seem to be infinite in number(both in Matter and Antimatter)

And what we see is only a perspective or put it simply we see what we want to see or perceive.

This, from Quantum!

Read my posts We see what we want to see.

And our perspective even alters what we perceive.

So in short, in the words of Shakespeare, ‘All the World is a Stage’

Shankaracharya puts it.

Srimad Sabha Nayakeem’

The One who oversees the Drama , that is Universes.

6.And why does the Universe we perceive look Real though it is Unreal?

Because you are bewitched by ignorance,

Shankara calls it ,,because of ‘JaganMohineem’ the attribute of Devi to bewitch to see things as they are not, when you are not spiritually developed.

He concludes the sloka with the adjectives for Devi as ,

Srimad Shanmugha Vigna Raaja Jananeem’

One who gave birth to Subramanya , with six aspects and Ganesha, the One who removes obstacles.

Why these objectives ?

He could have used a Siva, he being Her equal partner.

But The ignorance is the impediment for Realization and Ganesha removes it.

And Subramanya , in His six aspects, is the Best among those who realized Brahman, who taught His father, Shiva, the Pranava,.

In Sanskrit if you add ‘Su’ as an affix , it indicates the best,

He is Su-Brahmanya, Subramanya.

Now enjoy the gret Meenakshi Pancharatna , where Adi Shanjkaracharya talks of Quantum and Indian Philosophy at the same time.

Meenakshi Panchratna by Shankaracharya.

udyad bhaanu sahasra koTi sadrushaam keyoora haarojjvalaam
bimboshTheem smita danta pankti ruchiraam peeta ambara alankrutaam |
vishNu brahma surendra sevita padaam tattva svaroopaam shivaam
meenaaksheem praNato~smi santatam aham kaaruNyavaaraam nidhim || 1 ||

muktaahaara lasat kireeTa ruchiraam poorNendu vaktra prabhaam
sinja noopura kinkiNee maNi dharaam padma prabhaa bhaasuraam |
sarva abheeshTa phala pradaam girisutaam vaaNee ramaa sevitaam
meenaaksheem praNato~smi santatam aham kaaruNyavaaraam nidhim || 2 ||

shree vidyaam shiva vaama bhaaga nilayaam hreenkaara mantrojjvalaam
shree chakra ankita bindu madhya vasatim shreemat sabhaa naayakeem |
shreemat shaNmukha vighnaraaja jananeem shreemat jagan mohineem
meenaaksheem praNato~smi santatam aham kaaruNyavaaraam nidhim || 3 ||

shreemat sundara naayakeem bhayaharaam gyaana pradaam nirmalaam
shyaamaabhaam kamalaasanaarchi tapadaam naaraayaNasya anujaam |
veeNaa veNu mrudanga vaadya rasikaam naavidhaam ambikaam
meenaaksheem praNato~smi santatam aham kaaruNyavaaraam nidhim || 4 ||

naanaayogee muneendra hrutsu vasati naanaartha siddhapradaam
naanaa pushpa viraajitaanghra yugalaam naaraayaNena architaam |
naada brahmamayeem paraatparataraam naanaartha tattvaatmikaam
meenaaksheem praNato~smi santatam aham kaaruNyavaaraam nidhim || 5 ||

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