Shiva Samhita Treatise On Yoga

Shiva Samhita is one of those rare treatises about which, as usual in Hinduism,we know very little.


Siva Samhita Treatise on Hatha Yoga
Siva Samhita.


This esoteric work is about the Hatha Yoga, and along with  Gheranda Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, forms the three important sources of Hatha Yoga.

Cotents of Shiva Samhita
Shiva Samhita Contents Image Credit.


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This is work on Tantra Shastra.


The authorship and date are unknown.


Some ascribe this to the Seventeenth  Century.



Shiva Samhita talks about the complex physiology, names 84 different asanas (only four of which are described in detail), describes five specific types of prana, and provides techniques to regulate them.

 It also deals with abstract yogic philosophy, mudrastantric practices, and meditation.

 It emphasizes that even a common householder can practice yoga and benefit from it.

The first chapter mentions various methods of liberation and philosophical standpoints.

The second chapter describes the nadis, the internal fire, and the working of the jiva.

The third chapter describes the winds in the body, the importance of the guru, the four stages of the Yoga, the five elemental visualizations and four asanas in detail.

The fourth chapter deals with the eleven mudras that can result in yogic attainments.

The fifth chapter is the longest and most diverse—it describes obstacles to the liberation, the four types of aspirants, the technique of shadow gazing, the internal sound, the esoteric centers and energies in the body (such as the kundalini), the seven lotuses, the “king of kings of yogas”, and a global mantra.

Shiva Samhita Download

Shiva Samhita Heart Chakra Audio 



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