Choose Brahmin Mates Swayamvara At Chennai

I have lamented the fact that the Brahmin Community is finding it difficult to find suitable Mates .


This problem has become more pronounced now because of various factors.


1.Girl’s parents delaying the marriage.


2.Girls and Boys having imaginary Ideal Girl/Boy and waiting for a Wave length.


3.As the custom of circulating the Horoscope  is getting diminished because of shrinking Families and same community friends, the choice becomes

restricted to  only Internet, Matrimonial sites.


Though these are effective, the communication conveyed through these sites by the uploaders  do not receive possible Brides/Grooms.


And in most of these sites, the educational and salary expectations are so high and unrealistic, one wonders how people with less qualification/Income get married at all.


In the case of Boy’s parents willing to marry a Girl from of a Family of not affluent means, the girl’s parents suspect that there is some thing wrong with the boy,because of , in their perception,unequal alliance.


And in may a case, the communication between the parents of the Boys and Girls do not proceed smoothly as person to person communication is much better than Email/Video Chats.


I found the following information in Facebook and am sharing it.


Marriage proposals at Chennai.
Swayamvara, Chennai


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4 thoughts on “Choose Brahmin Mates Swayamvara At Chennai

  1. My god sir what you said is 100% true even the fact that girls and girls parents never trust if boy is well to do and girl is not even then they doubt at this rate our community is really going nowhere and of course un-realistic expectations every house some thing will not be 100% perfect why cant we accept that i don’t know


    1. Boys and girls must understand that there is no such thing as an ideal Man r Woman.If parents are looking fro Life partners for their children, children must get involved and ensure that they actively participate in choosing the partner after listening to parents.One has o be reasonable in looking for a partner ,at the same time the partner so chosen shall be good for the family and shall not break up the Family


  2. It is true Sir. Brahmins are indeed finding it difficult to get their children married. With the same intention my cousin & I started a closed group to help people within the community married.

    This is a free service and is open to Iyers & Iyengars only. People willing to get married or looking at getting their children / cousins married then please email me at As policy, we do not give conduct certificate to any girl/boy since good/bad is a personal choice and no one can comment on it. Based on your details, we will share profiles of girls & boys!


    1. Form
      ஸகல ப்ராமண ஜாதக பரிவர்த்தனை

      நம் ஜாதக பரிவர்த்தனை குரூப்பில் யாரும் யாருக்கும் பணம் தர வேண்டாம்.

      பிராமணர்களுக்கு மட்டுமே இந்த குருப். மற்றவர்கள் தயவு செய்து விலகி கொள்ளவும்.

      Please do not give money and compliments to anyone for Bride/Groom Search.

      வரன்/வது விபரங்களை மொத்தமாக பெற உங்கள் ஈமெயில் மற்றும் போன் நம்பர் இங்கே கொடுக்கவும்.

      உங்களுக்கு திருமணம் ஆனவுடன், உங்கள் தகவல்களை நீக்க ஈமெயில் அனுப்பவும்.
      Please inform us through email to remove your profile as soon as you got married.

      Dear members,
      Pls fill the form to get periodic, collective varan/vadhu details thro email

      First login to Gmail account in your device (PC or Phone). Then click the following link.

      முதலில் Gmail Login செய்யவும். பிறகு கீழே உள்ள லிங்க்கை கிளிக் செய்து படிவத்தை நிரப்பவும்.

      Its a Non-Profitable action.

      கீழே உள்ள லிங்க்கை கிளிக் செய்து படிவத்தை நிரப்பவும்…

      View Your Details in the following Link, After Uploading…

      கீழே உள்ள லிங்க்கை கிளிக் செய்து உங்கள் விபரம், மற்றும் மற்ற வரன் / வது விபரங்களை காணலாம்.

      உங்கள் ப்ராமண உறவினர்கள் மற்றும் நண்பர்களுக்கும் இந்த லிங்க்கை பகிருங்கள்.

      Pls share with your brahmin Friends and relatives.



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