Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

I accidentally bumped into a site


It states that it would help you resolve your complaints against Companies and  the site’s Home Page says thus,


Akosha: Helping Consumers

Akosha, an online platform for filling & getting your complaint resolved. We are driven to ensure that the complaint/voice of the customer is heard by the brands.

  • Total Number of Complaints Filed: 4,65,212
  • Brands That Akosha Works With: 550
  • Money Saved For Consumers: 8,32,72,000
  • Updates By Akosha: 10,13,030


We help consumer in getting resolution to their complaints from brands across India. 

Will The Complaint Be Resolved?


What happens of the complaint is not resolved?


If after all our efforts your complaint remains unresolved then we would provide you documents with which you can file complaint in consumer court.


FILE COMPLAINT ON PHONE: CALL US @ 91-91-9266603254″


It also provides an Online Complaint form.

But curiously it does not talk about any charges.”

In Life, there is nothing that is called Free Lunch.

I investigated..

AKOSHA is a Fraud ..

I have given the complaint related to Country vacations to AKOSHA ..These people are similar to those people with false promises.

Initially i was reluctant to pay AKOSHA ..but one month these people are calling me to pay the fee to them so that they will resolve within one month ..but now its been more than a month THEY HAVE GIVEN UP and not even REFUNDING My money they display in their website.
Complete LOSS of my money to country vacation and then to AKOSHA.

GUYS ..DONT BELIEVE THIS MEDIATORS .. DO FIGHT YOURSELF by complaining or in consumer court.



After wasting my time with AKOSHA i need to get up and fight for Country vacations and AKOSHA to get my money back”


Akosha is just a fraud site. They have tie ups with companies so that they will never resolve issue and you end up paying it to Akosha service. Which utlimately is no use. They never pickup ur calls and never help you
On Akosha,
Singla looked around for help and all he found was people with similar experiences who had nowhere to go. Singla, then 27, quickly sensed a business opportunity and launched Akosha in January 2011.

Akosha’s basic services are free, but it charges between Rs 299 and Rs 1,499 from customers who wish to further escalate their complaints and seek legal assistance. The customer is charged according to the nature of his or her complaint and the size of the disputed amount.


“Most customers approach us after having tried their hand with the company’s customer care executives,” says Singla. “We take up these complaints directly with the marketing departments and higher-ups in the brands.”



For paid customers, if the issue is still unresolved, Akosha goes one step further. Its employees launch a social media campaign against the target company. Akosha’s Twitter handle tweets complainant’ sproblems on the social media, an area where leading brands and service providers try their best to avoid negative publicity.



Often, brands’ social media teams are different from their marketing and the customer care departments. One department exhorts the other to settle the complaint. For companies, retaining customers is as important as avoiding negative word of mouth.



This is where Singla and his small firm are able to pressure companies to address the problem. Akosha’s Twitter handle has around 3,000 followers.



“When we launch a social media campaign, we do it on behalf of the customer. We don’t proclaim that a company or a brand is a fraud. We impartially narrate the complaint on the brands’ social media page. Akosha does not do anything that may hurt the interests of the company,” Singla says, explaining how they avoid defamation suit.



But before accepting a complaint, Singla says his team first authenticates the complaint through internal checks.



Feedback welcome both for and against.
I recommend fling your complaints by yourself .
For procedure check under Consumer Forum.




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2 thoughts on “Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

  1. I too had same experience with Akosha, I had complaint about SONY Handycam. They simply mailed them letter after payment of Rs.500/-, but later they just given local Consumer court address to go there and fight your case by your own, Thats it. So really its wasting of money as well as time.

    My main concern here is to understand if there is a way to chase & punish these fraud Practitioners, as I hv similar experience with Palmarinha Holidays of Goa providing similar services like Country Vacations. I accept that we have a fear within in facing Consumer Court although we have cheated. Also, there is local interference, as when I complained, they called me and said that Don’t do it again as people involved are from powerful group. So I am not considering not to proceed further as they have signed Contract Paper forcefully.


  2. i had a complaint with naaptol;i complained to naaptol;they declined;i complained to akosha;nothing happened;after a month akosha asked me to pay a fees to escalate the complaint;i did not go for it;i just stopped buying naaptol products;


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