Vote Narendra Modi Despite BJP 10 Reasons

Right man in the wrong Party.

Political parties find their election candidates embarrassing at times.

And the candidate , in general, has one goal, to defeat the opponent at the Polls.

Narendra Modi is one such.

The party he belongs to, at times, embarrasses him.

BJP is not  a bad party, of late it is becoming a divided House.

It is so democratic that you an hear a virtual Babel Tower on every issue, with the result,the issues being debated, are lost.

Despite knowing pretty well it is Narendra Modi who has caught the imagination  of a disillusioned people,many BJP leaders want to play spoil sport over Modi.

While people do want Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, it is the BJP’s antics and funny strategies that make one pause,,

Is it worth voting BJP to ensure Narendra Modi coming to Power?

Such is the pull of warring factions.

If Modi commands respect and affection it is because of His forthrightness, calling a spade as one and his commitment to the oft touted now diluted principles  of the BJP.

Despite the confusion BJP had made in stitching together alliances for the elections, this is why BJP should be voted to power, if only to ensure that Modi becomes the PM.

Pray that BJP does not throw the spanner in the works.

Why should one vote for Narendra Modi, through BJP?

Narendra Modi speaks.
Narendra Modi Quotes on Governance.

1.Transparency and Integrity.

Modis’ running of the Gujarat has been one of transpareny and he minces no words when he implements any programme for the welfare of the State.

On Free distribution of power , he declared that electricity costs money, he can not afford to offer freebies and people should pay for it.

Result Gujarat is more than self-sufficient in Power in India, the only one.

Or look at the way he appoints enquiry into his own deeds if necessary.

Or his wooing of Business, at the same time he is not being run by the corporate.

He nails them when warranted.

Infrastructure, Roads, Public distribution, way ahead of the other States.

On Godhra Riots, the Center has tried all the avenues open to it , to sully his name.

Special team, CBI and even the Supreme Court.

Embarrassing for them all of them have given a clean chit to Modi in the riots in Gujarat.

The socalled “Muslims living in fear in Gujarat’ is nullified by the declaration of the Community that Modi is not against them, but terrorism

2.Administration Open honest and swift

He is accessible, unlike the other able administrator, Jayalalithaa the CM of Tamil Nadu.

3.Modi  is clear on his foreign policy be it Pakistan, Bangladesh or the US.

He does not seem to be cowed by the US nor rattled by the fact he might lose votes if he is soft with Pakistan

On immigrants in Assam, West Bengal , he is for sending them back or at least regulating them.

4.As of date none of the corruption charges made against his has stuck for there is nothing to stick.

5.He has not or is presiding over scams, starting from Bofors, through 2G, ISRO-Dewas-Antrix,,CWG,Maharashtra irrigation,Thorium,Adarsh,defence coffin purchase…

6.Nor has he had his name implicated in an Italian Court for Corruption in Westland Helicopter deal.

7.He does not have a Swiss bank account.

8.He was not thrust as the prime Ministerial Candidate as Congress has done.

9.He does not foist Cases.

10.He stands by his Officers, does not make them scape goats.

India has a Party system and does not have a Presidential form of governance.

BJP has placed the cart before the Horse by projection Narendra Modi as the would be PM..

Hope BJP does not upset the Cart.

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