Misinformation Genocide Modi Begins In Web

Suddenly articles have started appearing in web sites attacking Narendra Modi in the Internet  by way of Blogs, and mostly paid views.

qz.com has come with a blistering attack on Modi by Thane Richard, the founder of the Dabba, an independent digital radio station covering Indian culture and politics. He is also a co-founder of Jaunt, a journalism startup.

The article starts with a misleading Photo byline ‘Economic development should not change your morals. Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal’ .implying that the story is by Reuters.

NNarendra Modi and Godhra
Modi and Godhra Riots,in the image at qz.com the name of author is below the picture misleading that it is a Reuters story

I could not find anything in Reuters site.

Read some Gems.


“Even if Narendra Modi was involved in the Gujarat riots, I don’t care. His economic work wins out. I will vote for him.”


The point is not even whether you think Modi is better than Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, or any other potential prime minister.


“The government estimated, according to the BBC, that “790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed, 223 more people reported missing and another 2,500 injured.


” Those are facts, regardless of whether you think Modi was involved. Here comes the test: if you believe he was behind the riots—behind “genocide”—then Gujarat’s economic growth rate does not matter. Rather, it shouldn’t matter.

What matters here is where you draw the moral line between what is acceptable in a politician and what is a deal breaker.”


 “If Modi came out and said women should not be allowed to vote, or that the caste system should be formally reinstated, or that he supported ethnic cleansing, then it wouldn’t really matter what his stance on taxation is.”
If I were starving or my family were starving, I might not care about the costs attached to keeping them alive or to electing a person who promised to put bread on my table.
While India certainly has enormous need, those are not exclusively the pockets that support Modi.
The woman I spoke to was not starving. The political columnists of India’s newspapers are not starving.
Anyone reading this article on this website is not starving.
Obsession with the promised economic wizardry of Modi is not selfless patriotism for India’s advance, it is greed without regard for cost.”
1.Supreme Court of India on Modi and Gujarat Riots.

In a big relief for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court-appointed SIT has given him a clean chit in the post-Godhra Gulberg massacre case and sought its closure as it found no evidence against him.”According to SIT, no offence has been established against any of the 58 persons listed in Zakia’s complaint,” metropolitan magistrate M S Bhatt said in his order on Tuesday on a batch of petitions in which Zakia Jafri, widow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri who was among 69 persons killed in the Gulberg society carnage, had named Modi and 57 others for alleged criminal conspiracy in the 2002 riots.”


2.It is very convenient to say that X said this or that after a meeting with no corroboration.
A fictitious Indian in Detroit said what has been posted in the first para of this post!
What is supposed to have been said in 2012 is reproduced in 2014″
3.The post is written cleverly to pass off by juxtaposing the author’s words ‘Genocide, ethnic cleansing’ in  and around the BBC report  to authenticate this sheer non sense.
4.Why convey the impression of a Reuters story, by cleverly posting below the Image  in the Story, name of the author with Reuters name.
Hope Reuters takes notice.
Honest writing does not need false flags.
In October 2012, I spoke to a crowd of mostly Indians in the Detroit area about the need for innovation in Indian media. After my talk, I was stopped by an Indian woman who looked to be in her forties, was elegantly dressed, well-spoken, and struck me as someone who I could have easily run into at a gallery opening in Mumbai or high tea at a five-star hotel. She complimented me on my speech, I thanked her, and we began talking about the far-off 2014 Indian election. What she said to me that day festers in my memory:
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