Kejriwal CIA Mole? Documents

I have been wary of Anna Hazare and Arun Kejriwal of  Aam Admi party since the word go , I have posted articles on this.

While one has never held elections for the Society he was involved in, paid by bribe to get a job done , the other resigned from Government breaking his bond under less than cordial circumstances.

Arun Kejriwal , instead of governing reverted to cheap gimmicks , when voted to be the CM of Delhi, in the process proving himself to be an anarchist .

The hall-mark of CIA manipulation.

I am providing documents and judge for yourself.


A US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret document (declassified) given below, duly signed by the then Director Allen W. Dulles clearly shows the link between CIA and Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award. It may be mentioned that Dulles was the longest serving Director of CIA from 1953 to 1961. Even in the citation of Kejriwal for Magsaysay Award, the first reference was made to CIA.

CIA controls Kejriwal.
Flow Chart Linking CIA and Kejriwal.
Kejwariwal Magsaysay Link
Kejwariwal Magsaysay Link

Kejriwal, while on study leave and availing full government salary started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000-2001. On its website, Parivartan on 10-March-2009 declared that it is not an NGO or a registered organization, and for Income Tax purposes it was an Association of Persons. However, in 2002 the website declared the organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and was exempt from Income Tax in Section 80G of 12A of IT Act. This is a clear fraud on India and Indians.





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3 thoughts on “Kejriwal CIA Mole? Documents

  1. I joined AAP on impulse when the Online registering was initiated by AAP. Now I grope to come out of it, but there seems to be no way out


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