Tumblr Comments On Ramani’s blog

I received a Notification from Tumblr.

Tumblr Comments
Tumblr on Post Ramani’s blog

I share my posts in Tumblr as Ramani’s Tumbles.

I do not know whether it is a left-handed compliment.

The byline is interesting.

You’ve made 4,000 posts on Tumblr!

That’s a lot of posts! It would take an average cat nearly 30 years to read your entire blog.


Be that as it may. let me share some thoughts.

The Statistics of Ramani’s blog is,

Posts              6341.

Categories      120

Tags            18420

Comments   4352.

Hope there is some quality amongst these numbers!

Apart from the pleasure blogging gives me is the quality of the Readers.

Most of them are highly qualified and are in fact among those who can be counted in their professions.

I try to be objective with good Sources for my articles.

However errors some time creep in and I correct them if brought to my notice.

Truth being bitter, I am criticized from both the sides of an issue.

By Muslims for my posts on Islam and Terrorism Christians for Conversions and Pope  and Hindus for writing on Kanchi Shankaracharya and wrong practices in Hinduism.

By the  Right as a Communist and the Conservatives as a Capitalist.

By Tamils as Brahmin bigot and others for promoting Tamil.!

I am indeed privileged to have among my subscribers  a former Supreme Court Judge who headed a sensitive Commission of Enquiry set up by the Government of India,Top Doctors and Media persons.

I am grateful to all the readers.

Most of the readers’  Comments are informative and suggestive , which enables to write more.

Thank You All.


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4 thoughts on “Tumblr Comments On Ramani’s blog

  1. As told in Gita, we will do our duty of writing the blog, without worrying the criticism of people. You are neutral and straight forward. Congratulations, on your achieving 4000 blogs.


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