Murders, Bonded Children Of Namakkal Schools

Parents do want their children to come up in Life,by getting them admitted  to what they trust to be the best schools.

Death of Student in School
Student Killed In Namkkal lSchool

Their objective is to make them secure a Top Rank.

While it is not advisable to go in only for Ranks as Life is much more than securing a Rank,it is highly regrettable and sad that the children who were admitted into what is beloved to the Best schools in terms of securing the Top Ranks in Tamil Nadu Examinations.

Schools located in Namakkal in Erode District,Tamil Have this distinction securing most of the Top Ranks in the Examinations, and are reported to be among the best in Coaching the students.

The Schools are equally notorious for exorbitant Fees.

The Tamil Government recommends a Maximum fee of Rs 9000 per annum for + 2 Course, these schools collect anything between Rs. 200,000 to 20,ooooo!

It may be worth remembering that a sum of rupees 40 Crore was seized by the Income Tax Department in Namakkal Schools in a single raid some time back, as unaccounted Money!

No followup action yet.

What is more worrying is the fact is the number of deaths/murders in these schools.

Four murders were reported in the first half of 2013-14 in the school premises and no action has been taken

As most of these schools are run with Political backing and Police protection even filing an FIR is not possible.

The Directorate of Education Schools Tamil Nadu State that they have control over Law and Order, Police say it is an Educational Institution and they can not take action.

These schools inform parents casually about the death and the scene of crime reveals the story touted by the school as  suicide is false.

There are instances where the students are murdered by rival students engaging thugs!

Some Institution have 23, 000 students!

These students are treated like bonded labor and the Campuses do not even have Phone booths.

Students are not allowed to possess Mobile Phones.

Nor are they allowed to contact their parents/Guardians.

Parents have to fill in application Form to meet t\their children and they may or not granted permission.

Even if permitted they are made to wait for inordinate time before they meet up with their children under the supervision of the school staff!

Parents are bullied and insulted.

Children are not allowed any extra curricular activity or is Sports encouraged.

They are made o study for at least 17 to 18 Hours a day including night study around 100 am!

The only plus point is these schools get top ranks.

But Loss of Lives, Personality?

Time the Government of Tamil Nadu took action.

Parents, Life is more precious than securing Ranks.

Readers may send in details about cases of ill-treatment, murders and any other relevant information.

I plan to move The Human Rights Forum and I need more inputs.

Source for this Post.

Ananada Vikatan, Tamil Weekly dated 5 Febrile 2014.

Image Source.The Hindu.


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