Knotted Rahul TimesNow Interview Runs For Cover

If ever there was an interview where the interviewed huffed, Hawed, Ducked slipped ,tied himself in knots and landed with egg all over, I would rate Rahul Gandhi‘s Interview with Arnob Gosawmi of TimesNow News Channel on 27 January at 9 pm in Newhour.

If Karan Thapar was nailed black and blue by Jayalalithaa when he interviews her, when she bluntly told him that she did not like the way he conducted the Interview and tht it definitely was not a pleasure for her to interact with hi,

Please read my post with Video on this.

Times now Interview Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi Times Now Interview Runs for cover.

Now Arnob Gosawmi fired bullets after bullets to Rahul Gandhi and he was left with no clue at all.

On the issue of Gujarat Riots,when Gosawmi asked him the rationale behind Congress attacking Narendra Modi after the Courts had given Modi a clean chit in the Gujarat Riot case, all Rahul could say was, totally irrelevant of course, that the Congress believed in Empowerment of women, taking democracy to grass-roots and about the six Bills pending in the parliament to root out corruption!

I counted the number of times Gosawmi asked Rahul about Modi.

Six times and he got the same answer.

Then Arnab switched over to the  killing of  the Sikhs after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.

Reference was also made to Rahul Gandhi’s speech about his controlling his anger at his grandmother’s killing.

Asked why the Congress did not take any action against Jagdish Tytler,HKL Bhagat and others for inciting the violence against the Sikhs, all Rahul could say he wanted law to take its own course.

When reminded that the same people were to be given tickets and were denied after media uproar Rahul went into Empowerment story!

On corruption, more specifically on Ashok chavan (and Adarsh Scam )as to why no action was taken against him ,action was taken against only against the bureaucrats when the Judicial enquiry indicted all, including the politicians,Rahul Gandhi went into sermonizing about the system being corrupt and the need to change it!

Then again on Congress’s position on bringing th Political Parties under RTI, Rahul wanted the Bills in Parliament passed, all apries must agree to this.

He added that if one wants to include the political parties, Judiciary and Media should also be included.

When Arnab pointed out neither the Judiciary nor the media run the Government, Rahul ran away from the argument.

The hilarious point he made was that the law makers, meaning MLAs do not know how to make Laws in UP.!

As if this is News!

As though Congress is the only Literate Party.

At this point I changed the channel.

Even if  the congress wins power, Rahul Gandhi will definitely make an ass of a Prime Minister, who roams in abstract theory and no practical sense or determination.

Unless the BJP decides to commit suicide, which it normally does, congress will lose the election.

Text in four Parts. Follow the Link.

Arnab: You are asking me the question

Rahul: Yes, I am asking you a question, it is a conversation

Arnab: Because I like and enjoy being a journalist, it is a professional challenge for me. My question is you avoiding a direct face-off with Mr. Narendra Modi?

Rahul: I am going to answer the question but I just want to ask you, when you were young and thought of being a journalist what drove you?

Arnab: Once I decided to become a journalist, I can’t be half a journalist. Once you have decided to get into politics and you are leading your party effectively, you can’t be leading your party by half, so I’ll throw the question, with respect, back to you, Narendra Modi is challenging you on a daily basis?

Rahul: You are not answering my question, but I will answer the question and that will give you some insight into how Rahul Gandhi thinks. For that I will have to expand a little bit about my growing up, how I grew up and the circumstances in which I grew up. What I saw when I was a child ,was my father, who was a pilot, and because of circumstances was thrown into the political system and all I saw when was small after my grandmother died was my father in constant-constant combat with the system in India and then I saw him die actually.

In my life I have seen my grandmother die, I have seen my father die, I have seen my grandmother go to jail and I have actually been through a tremendous amount of pain as a child when these things happen to you, what I had to scared  off I lost, there is absolutely nothing I am scared off. I have an aim, I have a clear aim in my mind and the aim is that I do not like what I see in Indian politics, it is something that is inside my heart. It is like in our mythology when they talk about Arjun, he only sees one thing, he does not see anything else, you asked me about Mr. Modi you ask me about anything and the thing that I see is that the system in this country needs to change, I don’t see anything else and I am blind to everything else. I am blind because I saw people I love destroyed by the system. ”

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2 thoughts on “Knotted Rahul TimesNow Interview Runs For Cover

  1. It was a silly interview. RG must have been coached by the PR Machinery. I was watching the twitter real time & RG was being hammered for his immature replies.

    Wonder why Arnab did not ask him about his sala’s real estate swindles ! He may have been told before hand not to ask queries on marriage, sala ‘s exploits etc.


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