Ordered Gang Rape In Public View

A 20-year-old Tribal woman was ordered to be Gang Raped by a Village Kangaroo court  in a village 20 Kms away from Shantiniketan, where Rabindranath Tagore was born, in Birbhum District West Bengal.

Gang Raped in Public
Suspects in a gang-rape case . who were led by police to a courthouse in the Birdhum district near the village of Subalpur. Indian police said have arrested 13 people after a 20-year-old village woman was allegedly gang-raped on orders from tribal elders. Picture: AFP Source: AFP Men living in the village have also fled from their homes on the orders of tribal elders as police told of how locals tried to prevent her from reporting her ordeal. A total of 13 men have been arrested over the assault on the 20-year-old which was allegedly as punishment for “dishonouring” her community, a scattering of mud huts set amid palm trees and fields of rice and mustard. Her ordeal on Tuesday night, when she was taken to a thatched shed and repeatedly assaulted for a relationship she was having with a Muslim man, has rekindled the outrage in India over the treatment of women. Neighbours described the victim as a charming woman and said she planned to marry the Muslim companion. Source:http://www.news.com.au/world/gangrape-girl-was-bleeding-limping-after-she-escaped-indian-village-where-she-was-threatened/story-fndir2ev-1226809998738

Her Crime?

She had sexual Relations with a  man from outside the Community.

Rapes in India
Rapes Rise In India

A raised Bamboo platform was set up.

The girl was repeatedly gang raped and the whole Village witnessed this obnoxious inhuman and despicable incidence.

While the Politicians are playing the usual game of Buck passing, the Police, who went to arrest the culprits after a hue and cry over the affair, were admonished by the Villagers for’ attempting to destroy their Honor!.

I am not sure whether Literacy has reached the Village or despite it , the Tribal remain Tribal.

Those from the North East may take what I am stating below with a pinch of salt .

My Brother’s daughter had spent considerable time in the North East of India, about Ten to Twelve years.

She used to narrate me incidences of Debauchery by men and women who were already married.

She used to add that this activity is normally accepted, people do not attach much importance to it and take it as a matter of routine.

I was skeptical till we employed a Family from the North east to do our house hold chores.

Over  a period of time, the Maid’s Family details unfolded I was dumb struck at the level of Immorality.

I dispensed with their service.

I have come across many other similar cases.

Would any one from the North East clarify whether these are isolated Phenomena?

Villagers told TOI on Thursday that after thekangaroo court ordered her to be sexually savaged, the woman was placed on a raised bamboo platform so that the gang-rape was viewed by the entire village, children included.

“If the family does not pay up, go and enjoy yourselves,” is what headman and now prime accused Boloi Murdy allegedly told the men.

The woman’s family alleged she and her lover, a man from a nearby village, were tied up in Murdy’s courtyard, where a kangaroo court was held and handed down the punishment — a Rs 50,000 fine for the man and gang rape for the woman. Some villagers told TOI that the woman’s cries rent the air all night but no one stepped forward to help her. Even her family, who lives 50 metres away, could not rescue her.”

( The Times of India)

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