AAP Post Delhi Police Brutality Video

I have not written any thing on Arvind Kejriwal’s and AAP‘s antics a couple of days ago in Delhi over the matter of non suspension of Policemen in a raid case.

AAP victms of Police Brutality.
Victims of Police Brutality on AAP. Image from http://shishirkumarrai.blogspot.in/2013/06/brutal-attack-on-aap-volunteers-by.html

I am of the opinion and I have expressed this on Twitter, that Arvind Kejriwal does not know how to run an administration and more harm is done by well-meaning people who are inefficient.

However the present case and the unfolding swift and administrative political events force me to sense some conspiracy.

1.Why a Constable can not be kept under temporary suspension when the Law Minister says on the scene of alleged crime?

2.Why nobody bothered about the statement of the residents of the locality?

3.Is it not a fact that the Law Minister received a complaint about the Party that was degenerating into a drunken orgy?

4.Since when a member  from the alleged crime scene’s testimony tendered much later is accepted and not that of a Law Minister who raised it, not behind doors, but in full Public view?

5.In the past cases how many Policemen were suspended only after inquiry?

6.Now Constituitonal pundits say in Delhi, Police is more of Central List.

Does it mean The Police will wait till the Home Minister orders an action to be initiated?

7.The CM of Delhi, Is he to be treated as a Flea?

As expected BJP and Congress are singing in chorus, dubbing AAP and Kejriwal as Anarchists.

A Section of the Media too.

And National Human Rights Panel, who are yet to make a statement on gang Rape in Bengal where a woman was gang raped in Public as ordered by the Village headman.

And the PMs in waiting , Rahul and Narendra Modi,are yet to comment.

The Media loves it so long as the rabble-rouser are helping them to increase TRP, not when they try to something.

What did the Media do in the case of  Aarushi,Rajesh Talwar Case?

Did it not conduct a Trail on TV?

While the antics of Kejriwal is not in the interests of the Public, it may be noted that, in this case, he had no other option but to protest in Public.

Now the AAP has released TV footage of Police brutality.


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One thought on “AAP Post Delhi Police Brutality Video

  1. I was working in Saket area of Delhi for more than 06 years. I can vouch that drug peddling, soliciting etc involving foreigners regularly occur in that area around the new Malls esp.at nights.

    Media is totally biased against AAP.

    However, I do not appreciate the nautanki that was enacted by Kejriwal. He should have resigned & then come on the streets. He would have become a martyr.


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