Hinduism List Of Hell Vishnu Garuda Puranas

Let us have a look at the various kinds of Hell as described in the Vishnu Garuda Puranas.

1.There are 400,000 types of Hell.

2.28 are very important.

3.Some of them are located under Water and some under the Earth.

4.Those who covet others’ wealth will reach ‘Tamasira Naraka’

5.Unfaithful Spouse-Aniththaamisra.


Hinduism, especially the Vedas,assert that Reality is a principle,Abstract and can be realized by mental and spiritual discipline.

Worship of Idols is relegated to the beginners.

Similarly there is the Law of Karma, where one is cautioned about his actions as Good actions get beneficial results, bad the Bad.

The Law of Karma operates uniformly even for Gods, when they deign to take Human form or when they perform an action with attachment.

Karma operates independently of every thing, including God, aver the Mimamsa Systems of Indian Philosophy.

But Adi Shankaracharya asserts God is necessary for Karma to operate.

How does the system operate?

There is enough evidence to suggest that apt from being reborn and undergo sufferings,the stages of Hell or in the Mind and the sufferings are related to and restricted to Mind.

But the Puranas also say that there is actual Hell and they are of various types.

Almost all the Puranas deal with this;Kalki Purana and Garuda Purana deal with this subject extensively.

Vishnu Purana , which is classified as  Maha Purana, also deals with this.

Let us have a look at the various kinds of Hell as described in the Vishnu  Garuda Puranas.

1.There are 400,000 types of Hell.

Concept of Hell

2.28 are very important.

Hhell Punishment
Punishment In Hell Hinduism

3.Some of them are located under Water and some under the Earth.

4.Those who covet others’ wealth will reach ‘Tamasira Naraka’

5.Unfaithful Spouse-Aniththaamisra.

6.The selfish,who destroy other Families,Liars, false witnesses-Raurava, where they will be an Animal Ruru

7.Those who kill other living Beings for ‘Taste’,Kumbheebaakam.

8.Ill-treatment of Parents, Elders,Kaala Soothram.

9.denial Of God and for leaving one’s Duty,Asipathram.

10.Unjust,Dictators,Panri Mukham.

11.Non Righteous Conduct, harassing other, Krimi Bhojanam.

12.Murderers,betrayals, torturing,Antha koopam.

13.Lustful, Saanmali.

14.Grabbing others ‘property,Agni Kundam

15.Unequal copulation,Vajra Kandakam.

16.Power Hungry,betraying Trust,Vaitharani

17.Copulation like animals,Bhoobhotham.

18.Ill treatment of Animals,Praanai Rotham.

19.For Perversions,Laala Paksham.

20.Arson,Looting,Poisoning,killing subjects by a King,Saarameyadhanam.

21.Deliberate False witnesses, Those who are proud,Aveesi.

22.Consumption of Liquor,Narcotics, Drugs,Pari Paathanam.

23.Those who declare that they are Great and Knowledgeable,Insulting others Kshaarakarthamam.

24.Cannibalism,Killing a Human being for Yags,Rakshoonam.

25.Those who do evil to others,Dantha Soothakam.

26.Killing others beings Vada Rotham.

27.Those who make the Guests wait, do not treat them with respect, The selfish,Parvavairathakam.

28.Hoarding,Earning by unfair means,Soosi Mukham.

The torture in Hell vary from being Burnt, Cut and salted.Fried in Oil,made to et worms viruses,Branding with Hot irons

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6 thoughts on “Hinduism List Of Hell Vishnu Garuda Puranas”

  1. My belief is that the kind of punishments described in the garuda puranam is just a faction created by some brahmins/purohits to make money out of fear psychosis. Did anyone see the procedures of punishments pictured in the images? Its all fake and rubbish to say the least. Humans in this world face much more difficult situations and pains than what is being described. However it may help people not to indulge in committing sins or bad karmas to some extent. I request the learned people to propogate rather scientific and realistic facts instead of focussing on these type of historical myths.


    1. The term 33 crore seems to denote innumerable.
      Yet the number 3, 6 and 9 have mystical significance,
      Look at 18 chapters of Gita,18 Purans,18 Principles of Evolution,18 steps in Sabarimala.
      These become when added 1+8=9.
      You have Navarasas, Navagrahas.
      Then six tastes, six organs of action, six organs of knowledge and then Shadakshara.
      Then the root of 9 , 3.
      Trimurthis,Three Gunas,Three energies,Three levels of evolution, growth and destruction.
      There should be some thing in all these,which we may not yet know.


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