Back pain Immediate Relief Safe Home Remedies.

Back pain/aches can be very excruciating.

Pain in the Back
Back pain

The relief by Allopathic Doctors  are generally Pain Killers.

The pain killers may offer you some respite for some time.

after a period of time, the present dosage becomes powerless to alleviate the aches/pain.

Then one increases the dosage strength and periodicity.

This, too becomes ineffective, ultimately you are left with no option but to go in for Narcotics!

Not to speak of the side effect of these pain killers.

Many of the pain killers contain chemicals that are harmful to Heart and Kidneys in the long run.

About seven or eight yeas back I had severe back pain and Knee problems.

It was diagnosed as Osteoarthritis and some allocations/pressure in the Back.

None of the modern medicines worked.

I switched my diet and I am alright now.

I have posted on this under Health.

Now as to relieving Back pain/aches there are some inexpensive, safe Home Remedies which can cure you with no side effect.

1.Have 4-5 slices from Garlic, peel off its skin.

Boil it in Gingelly Oil for twenty minutes.

Cool and strain.

Apply this Oil where it aches.

2.Take 5 pieces of Pepper, mix it with a pinch of Ginger powder-you can make this at Home by drying the Ginger first), take it twice a day after food with required quantity of Butter.

3.Make the Root of the Manoranjitham into a powder.(also available at Native medicine shops).

The powder has to be made after the Root is dried in the shade.

Take two grams of this with Pure Honey twice a day , before food.

( Manoranjitham’, Artabotrys uncinatus, a native of India and Sri Lanka, is a fast growing, dense evergreen, strong and woody climbing plant with long drooping branches. It is called climbing ylang-ylang, since the plant attaches itself to nearby supports with the help of hooks developed on the pedicle of flowers.)

4.For Bike riders and those who spend more time in a desk Job-to minimize backache.

Drink any of the following Juices daily.


Take a Teaspoon full of Honey on an empty stomach in the morning.

Tender coconut water ay be consumed as frequently as possible.

Women who are in stages of pregnancy must avoid Papaya,

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