God Will Never Die.

In Human History discoveries have been made in all walks of life.

Katha Upanishad
Kathopanishad Verse, Image source.http://www.shraddhananda.com/A_Poetic_Description_of_Universe_Purusha_Suktam.html

Theories are floated.

They are revised in the light of new evidence, old theories are discarded.

The Earth was assumed to be Center of the Universe.

Moon was considered to be Divine, stars beyond human reach.

We can go on adding to the list where old theories were revised and the  old theories are dead once and for all.

The same applies to all Arts and Sciences.

Except One.

The Theory on God.

While enlightenment(?) has induced man to accept new theories,discarding old thoughts, the concept of God and the debate does not seem to die.

If as Atheists were to be believed, God does not exist.

For some atheists the Universe is an accident.

For some it is Universal Law and it has nothing to do with God.

Some say it is Nature.

I do not know what they mean by Nature.

Is it Tree, Mountains,Forests?

If . as the Atheists proclaim, the concept of God  is incorrect and wrong, then the concept of God should have died a natural death.

This is not the case.

We have arguments for and against God is still going on.

We do not cling to the Theory that earth is the center of the universe any longer.

But we do not, at least most, do not, disavow the Theory of God.

Keeping my skepticism about Science aside for a moment on its infallibility,I am accepting Science for the present post.

If as certain as it is in Science, God concept should have been buried long back

Why did it not?

Earlier human beings, were in fear of everything, right from water, fire. lightening,darkness et al.

A he gained knowledge his apprehensions disappeared when he could explain these things.

Once explained, he is not concerned for to his comfort he has found a reason.

But one forgets mere explaining can not make things go away.

But Modern Man, under his arrogance of knowledge thinks he has over come all these fears.

Fact is He can not.

Watch Human reactions in times of  Natural Disaster and unexplained personal  loss  or calamity.

When things go well in life, every thing is under his control

Come disaster, he gets shaky.

One reason is  the fear of the unexpected , unknown and the inevitable and Death.

Another reason is that Man, by Nature seeks something , even when he thinks he has every thing material.

But the urge to know persists.

So long as these attributes of Man remain,God will Not Die.


6 thoughts on “God Will Never Die.

  1. How anyone chooses to look at or define existence is of no concern to me. Ask 100 people to define existence and you will get 100 different answers–am I to consider them all? Most of the time, the simplest and most reasonable answer is the correct one and if the most reasonable answer works for me then considering anything else is an exercise in futility.


  2. Existance is physical manifestation of dark matter in any things, like 25% of all matter as per science also. So existance is not used in spiritual an scientific word. It is rather manifestation of dark matter in being manifested. Rest 75% is dark matter , non visible but exists.


  3. Philosophically, existence can take on different meanings and how much time someone wishes to spend flexing their brain to enumerate and delve into those meanings is a matter of personal choice. As for me, I have only a tiny amount of sentience in this universe and I choose not to waste it on such things. If something does not interact with me, manifest itself to me or show that it has significance to me, then it does not exist for me. There are many irrelevant things in life, in this country you have the freedom to embrace them all.


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