Killing Of Children In Sri Lanka Photo Essay

In the mass of information on the killings of men and women in Sri Lanka by the Security forces , the fact that innocent children were massacred by the Army, in the name of maintaining the Security and integrity of Sri Lanka, whether it is the handling of the LTTE  or the JVP, is overlooked.


Worse, it was condoned and abetted by the Government and ignored by the Judiciary!


War Crimes or not Infanticide is the worst crime.



The full implications of this horror came to light when a Mass grave was unearthed in Matale in Lanka.


It was obnoxious that the Magistrate refused to take even affidavits on this case!

“The Matale Magistrate yesterday (4 November 2013) refused to accept further affidavits from persons whose relatives have disappeared and were seeking to provide information to court on incidents relating to the mass graves discovered in Matale.”



Genocide in Sri Lanka.
Rows of Children Killed by Sri Lanka Army
Sri Lanka Kills children
A Desolate parent with dead children. Image from
Infanticide by Sri Lanka.
Mother and child, both critically injured.
Murdering spree
Scores Murdered
Hanging of children by Lanka forces.
Children Hanged
Killing in Sri Lanka
Stripped and Killed.


How can the perpetrator/s ever sleep?


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