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Which History Is Correct Sanskrit Or Tamil

There are references in the Vedas about the Tamil Kings, though they are very few.

Some of the, nay most, them relate to Tamil as a Language of Dravida, meaning South,or Kings associated with Literature, things like Pearls, elephants  purchased from the Chera Kings, apart from Spices and fine cloth from Korkai.

National Library,Kolkata

Books, Manuscripts , National Library,Kolkata,Click to enlarge.Image from:National Library,Kolkata

The earliest reference is in the Rig Veda where it is mentioned that Pearls were brought from the Tamils for offering in the Yagnas.

Fine clothes, especially Saree Cloth was brought in for offering in the Yagnas.

The reference to Tamil kings, which is most popular is the reference to a Chera King, Perunchotruudiyan Neduncheralaathan, who was reported to have fed both the armies of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war.

There are references in the Ramayana to indicate Lord Rama visited the ancient cities of Tamil Nadu, including Vaitheeswaran Koil,Rameswaram , among other  places.

The curious fact is that there are no references to the expeditions of Tamil Kings into the North, or the great battles of the South.

Nor do I find any references to the valor and Philanthropy of the Tamil Kings in the Sanskrit Literature.

The reference of King Sibi, who was reported to have offered the flesh of his thigh to a Bird in Tamil literature is often linked to Lord Rama’s ancestry of Ikshvaku Dynasty.

This is open to debate.

But the references to Sanskrit Literature , The Puranas and Epics are innumerable to recount in this post.

So much so Tamil has a Ramayana and Mahabharata Edition in Tamil composed by Great Tamil Poets, like Kambar and Villputooraar.

The earlier Tamil Books like Tholkaapiyam, Agathiyam,Thirumurugaatruppadai mention Vedas and Lord Muruga and mention Muruga as Skanda of the Vedas.

But by dating one says that Rig Veda is the earliest literature of Mankind.

It mentions the Tamils of Culture , so are the Ramayana and Mahabharata

If the oldest literature of Sanskrit were to mention Tamil , Tamil must ant-date Sanskrit.

Curiously enough, as I said earlier there is no mention of Tamil Kings or Literature in detail.

My question is that which History is Correct?

By Tamil’s admission and quotes of Vedic Life, Sanskrit and Vedas must have preceded the Tamils.

Yet Sanskrit quotes Tamil/Tamils?

Which history is correct?

Are both of them correct?

Will some readers contribute?

*Inshall be posting more from Archaeology as well om this subject.

The intention is, not to prove which is ancient Tamil or Sanskrit but to find the curious relation of these languages which  date the other ancient





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4 thoughts on “Which History Is Correct Sanskrit Or Tamil

  1. hindu religion had originated in central asia and moved to north and then south india; later disappeared from central asia; tamil was an independent language of the south which was influenced by sanskrit over the years;the impact is more in other south indian languages;


    • Anil Gupta says:

      Whether ‘Hindu’ is a religion is debatable.And if it originated in Central Asia then there should be some evidence of it.Even if it disappeared from Central Asia there must be some archeological evidence to it.I dont know the source of your information.Will you please cite it?The fact that Tamil is an independent language is undebatable.But the fact is that there are several terms similar in Tamil and Sanskrit.Both are a proud legacy of ancient India.


  2. Anil Gupta says:

    Both Sanskrit and Tamil are the product of ancient Hindu wisdom.Both are complementary as well as complete in themselves.Prof.Madhusudan Jhaveri, Prof. of Engineering at Massachutes Institute of Technology has recently posted few articles in Hindi showing similarities between these two great languages, gift, of ancient Indian intelligence.Although lacs of young people from Tamilnadu learn Sanskrit and Hindi every year there are almost no facilities for or inclination of youngsters belonging to north India to learn Tamil or any other language of the south.


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