6-5=2,Paranormal Slick Film Promoted By Social Media

Sometime back I came across a news item that,for the first time, a Kannada movie shot entirely by an amateur Videographer had gone viral in the Social Media and it has been made into a Film and it is running successfully.I decided to see the Film as it is reported to belong to thriller genre.

Fear of the unknown haunts us all.

The self-professed non believer professes to be so, shivering inside.

I belong to the majority of idiots who believe on things beyond us.

I have witnessed some of the paranormal phenomena and has posted some articles on them.

A horror or a thriller becomes effective when things are left to your imagination rather than trying to scare you with loud eerie Music and gory images.

Alfred Hitchcock has this magic of scaring you as in "Birds' or a blind Aubrey Hepburn make you scream when she leaps from near a refrigerator in a dark room with a Killer inside her house !

I can not resist seeing the film of this genre.

I saw the film with my friend and his wife.

It is reported to be original and real-time experience without any additions or deletions.
Kannada Horror Film 6-5+2
The Film is "6-5=2"

You are informed in the beginning of the Film that no editing was done to the Video recovered from a hilly terrain in Karnataka.

They also say that some editing was done only to enhance the quality of visual and Audio experience.

The story or Adventure starts with six youth,4 boys and two girls, go trekking in a dense forest .

One of them, as aspiring Movie cameraman, recorded every thing .

And this was the recovered Video which the film claims to have been released.

This Adventure was based on the news item in Kannada newspapers which claimed that of the six people who went trekking on 26.10.2010, three bodies were recovered, one is alive and two are untraceable.

On the third day of their trekking,some unusual things happen.

For no reason, their backpacks catch fire, their food destroyed,they hear voices,things get knocked down.
On Day four they are forced to pitch in a tent at a place, where they find a tree which had replicas of dead skulls instead of leaves.
They lose their way and after spending a whole night they return to the same spot they left.

(One of them has been left at the first camp)

The rest is interesting.

The film maker claims that the videos were by the dead man while the photographer of the fim says otherwise.
Read the news at the close of the post.

The film is so natural that one tends to believe it is real.

I still do not know whether it is a story taken slickly ,promoted through the Social Media.

There are no songs, fights,dance sequences, comedy track or even a back ground score .

It keeps you glued to your seat.

“A strange complaint has reached the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC)against the makers of the Kannada film 6-5=2. The horror film has caught the fancy of the audience, many of whom have believed the claims that the film is found footage from cameras of trekkers who died in 2010. The film also credits, ‘the late Ramesh’ one of the trekkers, as the cameraman of the film. Now, B K Magesh, a cinematographer from Chennai, has filed a complaint that he was the cinematographer of the film and not only have the film makers not given him his due credit, but also cheated him of his remuneration…

Speaking to BANGALORE MIRROR, Magesh, said, “I have been cheated by the filmmakers.They contacted me in December 2012 about the film. I shot the movie for 15 days in Madikeri in January this year. The idea for the film came from Hollywood ‘found footage’ films. It was a huge challenge and I proposed shooting only with natural light and using small artificial lights, which will not be evident. The director KS Ashok took advantage of me, learnt all the tricks and then dumped me. My remuneration was fixed at Rs 1.5 lakh. Payment of Rs 95,000 is still pending.” Magesh says that he will have to got to court if the issue is not solved by the film chamber. His complaint has arrived through the South Indian Cinematographers Association (SICA), Chennai.

In his complaint,Magesh says producer Krishna Chaitanya and director Ashok contacted him for the movie, and promised the remuneration. He was paid in small installments of Rs 5,000 and Rs10,000 during the shooting. After shooting was completed, his calls went unanswered. Magesh said, “A fictional dead man’s name was used for publicity.I donot mind if it benefits the film.But I am more concerned that they cheated me of my payment.”

6-5=2, a film inspired by the ‘found footage’ genre of Hollywood, does not reveal the actors and technicians of the film.



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