Marriage Is For You

I received an email from WordPress informing me of a site becoming viral, with over 26 Million views ans the site had even crashed unable to handle such a heavy traffic.

This is the message.

On November 2, 2013, Seth Smith hit publish on an article entitled Marriage Isn’t For You. Within a few hours, his self-hosted WordPress site couldn’t handle the tens of thousands of visitors reading the post. He moved his article and then his entire site over to, where the team did some additional tweaks to keep his site up and ready for the ten million visitors who would end up visiting his site in a single day. The article has since received 26 million total views. We talked to Seth about going viral on”

I read the post, found it interesting.

The gist is that Love is not about what you get  when you love some one,

It is the happiness that you bring or impart to that person.

So, in that sense Love and Marriage is not for you.

Though the logic seems to be good ,there seems to be a slight difference in analysing Relationship.

The article says that marriage is for raising a family .


But you do not divest your interest in raising your Family.

You too are interested in a Relationship for you expect it to bring you happiness

You do things because you expect them to bring you happiness or at least that which does not bring you grief.

It is human Nature to be happy and seek happiness through gratification.

This may be physical ,emotional,mental,spiritual or all these combined.

Though sounds cynical it is a fact there is no such Love as an Altruistic one.

The trick is to balance your happiness and other’s happiness and ensure that you get more happiness out of other’s happiness.

Sounds easy, but is not.

But practice shall make it easier and it would become a routine.

PS. Do not confuse this with Hypocrisy.

As happiness is what every one seeks Marriage, with all its warts, is for everyone..


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