Rules Types Of Taking Bath Hinduism

Hinduism accords highest priority to cleanliness both mental and physical.

One is expected to take bath thrice a Day, one at early morning between 430 and 5, another at Noon and yet another around Dusk(6pm).

One is expected to wash hand and feet when he returns home and wash hands and feet after taking food.

One should take bath in either of the following, in the order provide.

Bathing Rules.

Hindu Way of Bathing.Bathing Rules.

1.Running water(River)



4.Well in the House.

Bathing in the Sea can be done when an opportunity is available and one has to take bath in normal water after Sea bathing.

When river water is unavailable, well water at Home is recommended.

There are different types of Bathing.

1.Agnayaka Snam.

One has to keep both his hands over the Head , face the East, close the eyes and let the rays of the Sun bathe.(about ten minutes).

2.Mala Snanam.

One can apply the Earth,Sand, Clay.

Again for ten minutes.

3.Mahendra Snanam.

Taking bath in Water after Mala Snanam is Mahendra Snanam.

4.Mantra Snanam.

Taking bath with water purified by Kalasa Mantras for Agni, Varuna is Mantra Snananm.

5.Mano Snanam.

Reciting The Mantras of Vishnu and taking bath in the Mind is Mano Snanam.

One has to worship the time between Dawn and Dusk, called Sandhi.

The Location of Devatas in the hand.

1.Fore finger of the Right hand,Pithrus.

2.End of the Little Finger, Prajapathi.

3.Tip of the Thumb, Brahma.

4.Left Palm, Agni.

5.Right Palm, Soma.

6.The points where the Palms join the fingers belong to Maharishis.

There are Mantras to be recited during Bathing.

Please red under ‘Hinduism’.

Source.Agni Purana.

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