Sacred Repetition Japa Removes Obstacles Yoga Sutra 29

In the last two Sutras Patanjali spoke of the Pranava, OM, and the need to concentrate on this.

As I posted earlier all the sounds originate  from three places in the human body, Mouth,a-Throat ,u and from the pit of the stomach M.

From the se sounds came words and language,

Language, nay sounds exist with a corresponding image.

When a sound is made an image flashes in or mind.

At times we may not be able to identify these images.

It is wisdom of the Vedas that there is NO Sound without a corresponding image.

The images we do not recognize are those that spring from our unconscious which is Universal Consciousness.

The Mantras and the Japas of these Mantras help one to unleash the human potential.

Words and their meanings can not be separated.

So much so the Great Poet Dramatist Kalidasa opens his Raghuvamsa with this sloka,

वागर्थाविव संपृक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये|
जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ||
–> I salute the parents of the world, Parvati and  Parameswara, who are inseparable like the “vAk” (word) and “artha”(its meaning); to gain expertise in the right understanding of the words and their meanings.”
In Tamil Abirami Bhattar says,
‘சொல்லும் பொருளும் என, நடம் ஆடும் துணைவருடன்
புல்லும் பரிமளப் பூங்கொடியே. நின் புதுமலர்த் தாள்
அல்லும் பகலும் தொழுமவர்க்கே அழியா அரசும்
செல்லும் தவநெறியும், சிவலோகமும் சித்திக்குமே.
Here he describes Lord Shiva and Goddess Abirami as united and One as Word and Meaning’
So the concentration on the Pranava delivers results in therm of worldly pleasures and Yoga Siddhi.
The Constant and regular Japa removes obstacles in the path of Realization and lead one to Atma Sadhana.
It is not always necessary to understand he meaning; what is required is Sraddha or faith.
As you do the Japa you will realize this.
Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 29
Yoga Sutra 1.29

Tatah Pratyak Cetana Adhigamah Api Antaraya Abhavah Ca

Pratyak : individual
Cetana : consciousness
Adhigamah : understanding, realization
Api : also
Antaraya : of obstacles or impediments
Abhavah : absence , removal
Ca : and, also

From that comes Realisation of the individual Self and the obstacles are removed.


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