Video Learning And Adobe Certification Programmes.

With the advent of technology, Education has been transformed.


Gone are the days when one could study only in the School between 830 am and 4 pm with an hour Lunch interval.


With Economic prosperity and technological advancement, new Technologies have come in handy in Education.


In the early days, say about  50 years back, one has to be  a full-time student and the only source is the School.


And one did not have the concept of earning while learning.


Then came the evening colleges, correspondence Courses.


For Competitive examinations one did not have training or coaching facility.


It is applicable for technical course like AMIE and Skillern.


Now we do have Coaching centres and new technologies to aid one to prepare himself for the Course or examination.


With IT booming, the need for specialized programmes is on the rise.




Right from Programming to fields like Photoshop, we do have Coaching Centres to prepare one to get certified.


There are people in the field of IT who want to improve their skill sets and there are more who want to learn for better Prospects.


When people go in for Coaching many may not have the time to be a full-time student or has limited time to prepare for the Certification Course.


Instead of a regular teacher people rely on Video tutoring, managed by professional people.


How good are these ?


Let us take an example.


How good is video learning as a method of Adobe Certification Exam preparation?

How good is video learning as a method of Adobe Certification Exam preparation?

While books and similar resources might be the more traditional approach, do the video learning offerings that have been springing up in recent years have any merit? Here’s a closer look at the merits of video learning.

Visual And Auditory Learners

Video learning can be helpful for visual learners who learn best when their eyes have images to lock onto. It can also be good for those who like hearing their lessons rather than just reading them. Video learning is a viable option for anyone who learns well from this type of teaching format.

Almost As Good As Classes

You may not be able to ask questions, but aside from that, quality video learning resources can be almost as good as real classes. They can provide information in an effective way and make you set aside chunks of time to devote to learning. If you wish you could attend real classes in person but can’t for some reason, this is a nice alternative.

Always Check For Quality

As with any learning tool, you want to check up on the quality of video learning resources before you depend on them too heavily. Some have poor quality information, and others are just poor quality videos. Make sure that you seek out the best that video learning has to offer if you choose this learning path. Also, don’t think that you have to stick solely to video learning. Combining it with other quality resources can provide you a well-rounded education.

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