The Signs Of Death Hinduism

There are signs of death.

Indications are there to know that Death  is nearing, though none can predict the time and date.

Medical science is as approximate as the predictions are.

However I have seen some signs which definitely foretell death.

They are more accurate than Medical predictions.

I have post an article on this earlier along with the Death Chant of the Hindus.

Normal symptoms are.

Arundhati Star
Vaishista and Arundhati Star in Ursa Major

Ears will become useless.

Then there will be abnormal sweating, not to be confused with sweating and palpitation associated with heart attack.

Virtually no appetite.

Motion will be scant, if any.

Difficulty in recognizing people, place.

Disorientation of Space.

One may notice the person to whom death is approaching they would stare at space.

In many an instance, they would also tell you they are seeing people, especially the dead.

They would be able to remember their childhood memories child hood friends, friends,but not children, wife.

Then eyesight will go.

Breathing will be deep  but will deteriorate into  short gasps.

There will be a whistling sound when breathing takes place.

Once people start breathing deeply when awake, it is the custom of the Hindus to take the person and place him in the veranda.

This is called ‘Razhiyil Poduthal’, indicating  that the end is near, say in a day or two at the most.

relatives will be informed.

There are some indications specified in the Purans about the impending death.

I am not sure how accurate they are.

But the indications I have described are found to be correct,

Signs of Death.

One will die if He /She,

1.In one year, if one can not can not see the Star Arundhati or  ‘ the star Alcor which forms a double star with Mizar (identified as Vashista Maharshi  in Ursa Major and or The Pole Star.

2.Can not see the rays of the Sun in Eleven Months.

3.Dreams that he / she vomits Gold/Silver in ten Months.

4.Sees dirty feet in dreams, in less than ten months.

5.Sees a Crow crying or a Dove landing on one’s head, in six months.

6.If crows or Ashes surround one, in Five Months.

7.Sees rainbow in the South or Lightning in the South, in three months.

8.Can not their reflection in water or Mirror, in one moth.

9.Smells like a corpse, in fifteen days.

10.Dreams as being dragged by Bear or Monkey towards the South, become deaf,or seen wearing black clothes,,buried up to neck,Coal,Ashes, will die shortly.

11.If wolves howl in the early morning,when one can not smell the odor when the Oil Lamp is put off,shall die shortly.

I have listed a few of the symptoms found in the Brahmanda Purana.

One may refer Kalki Purana as well


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