Penis Church Chicken Church

Some take religion seriously or even religiously!

Yet there are some.who take to religion for fun and treat it frivolously.

Many a time people react violently towards these.

But it is saner to keep quiet and enjoy the immaturity displayed.

Now there is news abut a Church shaped like a Penis and another shaped like a Chicken!

Church  like a Penis.
Penis Church

Last spring, tourists began flocking to Florida to cluck at a church that looks exactly like a chicken.

In October, a Google Earth user discovered that a Christian Science church in Dixon, Ill., was the spitting image of a penis — when viewed from above.

Now that the year is coming to a close, we at HuffPost Weird are left with a nagging question: Which place of worship looks like a more realistic cock?



Real Name: Church by the Sea

Real Name: Dixon Christian Science Church

Location: Madeira Beach, Fla.

Location: Dixon, Ill.

Constructed: 1944

Erected: 2013

Does it really look like a chicken?That’s rhetorical. It obviously looks like a chicken.

Does it really look like a penis? A local architect, who did NOT design the church, says it’s “a little bit of a stretch” to say it looks like a penis.

U Mad Tho? “We’re not fond of it being called the ‘Chicken Church,’ said an anonymous employee. “It’s attracting people to us for all the wrong reasons… I think they’re making fun of it.”

U Mad Tho? “We didn’t design it to be seen from above,” Church official Scott Shepherd told in an interview last month.

Bonus Points: The church’s official website doesn’t even try to hide it:

Bonus Points: The church’s slogan is “rising up.


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