The LLRC Lie by Rajapakshe Sri Lanka Facts

The Rajapakshe government has been running for cover over Human Rights abuses.

Rajapaskhe, Killer of The Tamils
Mahinda Rjapakshe,President of Sri Lanka.

Now they have come out with a strategy that od repeating untruths tirelessly and make it Truth.

On the second front they have Muttiah Muralitharan  talk that there were no killings in Sri Lanka nor were did the people disappear, David Cameron was misled( I have a post on this), with Video Clipping.

Rajapakshe brazenly stated in the CHOGM Press conference that there were no Human Rights violations during the civil war and the Human Rights violations might have existed in the past, hunting LTTE‘ pathological killing spree.

He also added that the LLRC is functioning well and its recommendations are being implemented vigorously.

The facts.

Sri Lanka has achieved considerable progress in implementing the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and ready to defend its record at the next session in Geneva, Foreign Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama said.”

Resettlement Centers or Gulags?

“Why can’t the Army go to the jungles instead of taking our lands and sending us to jungles?”

“When will we be allowed to re-start cultivation of our lands?”

“When can we have access to the sea we were fishing before and will we get back the boats and fishing equipment we left behind in our village when we were displaced?”

“Why is there a check point at the entrance to this place?

“Why are there soldiers and intelligence officers all around us, why can’t we still have the freedom other people in this county have?”

“Why are visitors not allowed to come and freely talk to us and take photos?”

“Why have we been sent to another camp? What is different here from Menik Farm?”

“Why didn’t the authorities clean up the jungles before they sent us here?”

“When can we have a Kovil and Church?”

These were some of the questions that people who had fallen victim to the Sri Lankan Government’s latest resettlement program asked us when we visited them last Sunday 30th September 2012.

The bitter end to Manic Farm

Throughout August and September 2012, people from Puthukudiyiruppu and Maritimepattu Divisions in the Mullativu district, who had been living in Menik Farm were dumped in schools and roadsides to find their own way home[1]. “Home” was mainly shrub jungles, open air spaces under trees and destroyed houses with doors, windows, roofing, toilet equipment etc. looted. Some had to seek shelter in churches and schools, as their “home” was simply not habitable. Another group we met had been compelled to stay in a small church as the Army was occupying their land[2]. Clearly, the government which had waited for more than three years to send these people home, were now in a might hurry to send them home, without even clearing up jungles.

As news spread of imminent closure of Menik Farm at any cost, people in the Keppapilavu became apprehensive as they had heard that their lands were occupied by the Army and Air Force and they would not be allowed to go back to their own lands. On 20th Sept., about 55 families (exact number was not clear) from Manic Farm were taken to Vattrappalai school and brought to a jungle area in Seeniyamottai on 21st Sept. Amidst this uncertainty of going back home, several residents of Keppapilavu staged a protest in front of the Mullativu Government Agent’s office on 22nd Sept. There were reports of intimidation and attacks on vehicles of some politicians who attended this event[3]. Several IDPs in Manic Farm had also told that they were prevented from going for the protest.  Those who did attend the protest sent out a public appeal asking to be allowed to go back home to their own lands[4]

This is jus a sample.



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