SC Judge Tejpal Rape Cases Truth Is Somewhere Else

Recently a spate rape cases have been reported.

First came from  Lawyer that Supreme Court Judge,Since retired,, has attempted to rape her, though it has been put in polite terms, in  a law site.

Rape complaint Online.
Lawyer complains of Rape.

In Delhi at that time, interning during the winter vacations of my final year in University, I dodged police barricades and fatigue to go to the assistance of a highly reputed, recently retired Supreme Court judge whom I was working under during my penultimate semester. For my supposed diligence, I was rewarded with sexual assault (not physically injurious, but nevertheless violating) from a man old enough to be my grandfather. I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that long after I’d left the room, the memory remained, in fact, still remains, with me.

So what bothered me about this incident? As a conditioned member of the society, I had quickly “gotten over” the incident. But was that what worried me: that I had accepted what was essentially an ‘unacceptable’ situation. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the crux of my unease lay in my inability to find a frame in which to talk, or even think, about my experience. While the incident affected me deeply, I felt little anger and almost no rancour towards the man; instead I was shocked and hurt that someone I respected so much would do something like this. My strongest reaction really, was overwhelming sadness. But this sort of response was new to me. That I could understand his actions and forgive him for them, or that I could continue to think of him as an essentially ‘good’ person, seemed a naïve position that were completely at odds with what I had come to accept was the “right” reaction to such incidents.”

Very Sanctimonious indeed.

One waits nearly a year, that too a Lawyer!

As an excuse.’conditioned member’?

Now she has become unconditioned?

I did not feel angry but sad?

More wish-wash.

Can you check into your Psyche and come with another explanation for your emotions and reactions?

Very nice.

People with no sense of Right or Wrong, even when you are wronged?

Something wrong somewhere.

Now more people have come out alleging sexual misconduct in the Bar, Justice department.

Why have they not reported immediately?

For personal safety or Gain?

Has some one been compensated or not compensated earlier?

Now we have one more on Tejpal of Tehelka for misbehaving with a colleague.

Now there is a version it is consensual!

I have posted earlier that these accusations of Rape, if not reported immediately cast a doubt on the motivations of the victims?

Is it pecuniary,or Professional advantage one is looking at?

When these are secured are complaints made?

Or are they made because the obligations are not met?

In cases of this nature, rape gains the Headlines and Truth may lie somewhere in between.

Pressure mounted on former Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal as the Goa police on Friday said a first information report (FIR) had been lodged against him on charges of sexual assault and rape. The state police officials were said to be examining CCTV footage from ThinkFest, an event organised by the magazine, and the Grand Hyatt hotel where the alleged incident took place earlier this month. Delhi police visited Tejpal’s residence in the evening.

As angry reactions from politicians and activists poured in, Tehelka’s Managing Editor Shoma Choudhary told a TV channel that there was a “second version” of the incident, which she had dismissed before accepting the survivor’s demand for an unconditional apology. She said a complaints committee set up by the magazine underUrvashi Butalia to investigate the matter would include members from outside the organisation and the second version would be presented before them.

Satish Mehta, director, Anant Media, which runs the magazine, said he would speak on the matter on Monday. Mehta is also a director in several Alchemist Group companies, run by Chandigarh-based Trinamool Congress leader Kanwar Deep Singh. Singh, who owns Anant Media through his investment companies, did not reply to phone calls and text messages. Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien, who had tweeted on Thursday saying that Singh had told him that he did not own Tehelka, said he had already aired his views on TV. In a tweet thereafter, O’Brien said, “Getting calls from pink papers as to who owns Tehelka. Don’t know, don’t care. Only concern is the sexual assault case.”

Tejpal in a statement said, “There have been serious allegations cast on me in this last week, and unfortunately as sometimes happens in life, the complete truth and the need to do the honourable thing can come into conflict. In this case this anguish was accentuated by the fact that very many intimate people, professional and personal, were involved.”



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