Channel 4 Genocide Films Rajapaksha. Report

During the CHOGM meet a group of Journalists from the Channel 4 were prevented from visiting the area where the Tamil Genocide by the Bureaucrats and a Sinhalese mob.David Cameron the Prime Minister of UK visited the area and tweeted.

Please read my post on this.

There is always a justification from the Sri Lanka Government that weighed against the terrorism and killing by the LTTE, the Action by the Government is nothing.

I read an interesting article in the Colombo Telegraph by Callum Macrae -.

He examines this arguments and his views are worth the salt.

The justification by the Rajapaksha and Co can not explain away the killing of innocent Tamils who were not LTTE.

On the one hand they were being killed by the LTTE, on the other by their(?) Government.?

What a Plight?

“They haunt our every move, on their motorbikes in their silver hatchback and on their tuk tuks. Sri Lanka’s intelligence officers are a tenacious lot, but there’s another group perhaps even more tenacious in their pursuit of us: “spontaneous”, pro-government demonstrators…

So here’s the issue. There are two versions of the situation in the traumatised north-east of the island, where perhaps 40,000 or even more, innocent Tamil civilians died in the horrific last few months of Sri Lanka’s civil war that lasted a quarter of a century.

The government and its supporters say the place is transformed: there are new roads, they say, new schools, former fighters “rehabilitated”, hotels being built and elections held.

But the Tamils who live there tell another story. They speak of continuing misery, of military occupation, of a climate of fear. A place where thousands remain homeless while army land-grabs continue unabated. Where thousands are still missing – and many women who remain are subject to the systematic use of sexual violence as a weapon of repression.

Of course, the way for journalists to get to the truth is to go there and see for themselves. But despite assurances from the president himself that we would be free to travel, it was not to be; several hundred noisy government supporters made sure of that.

That’s the problem for those who would try to hide the truth. If you want to work out which side is telling lies, you just have to work out who is trying to stop you seeing things with your own eyes. Here’s a clue: it wasn’t the Tamils…

For Sri Lanka’s president, what he hoped would be the golden chalice of the Commonwealth summit is rapidly changing into a poisoned one – and the problem is that Colombo’s supporters blame that process almost entirely on Channel 4. In particular, Channel 4 News and – with extra, added venom – me.”



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