Jainism Buddhism Created By Lord Vishnu.

There are twelve Avatars of Vishnu which is in vogue.

There is also a list of the 28 Avatars of Vishnu, about which I have blogged.

The Vishnu Purana states that the Jainism and Buddhism were a created deliberately by Lord Vishnu as a curse to ensure that the Asuras do not follow the Vedas, as the strict adherence to the Vedas by the Asuras were making them stronger and more powerful than the Devas.

The narration is like this.

Mahavir , the Founder of Jainism
Mahavira,Jainism-The last Thirthankara.

During one of the innumerable wars between the Devas ans the Asuras, the Asuras were gaining the upper hand and the Devas entreated Lord Vishnu to save them.

Lord Vishnu created Maya Mohan,One who appears to be Real but illusory, that is the Preaching would be deceptively similar to the Vedas but against the Authority of the Vedas.

Maya Mohan taught the new system to the Asuras and as they were listening attentively, he ,Lord Vishnu, kept repeating ‘Arhatha, Arhata’,’Be Deserved for this’

This body of Teaching later came to be known as ‘Arhatha’ which term became corrupted later and was known as Jainism.

So the Asuras started following the new Religion.

The word Jainism is derived from a Sanskrit verb Jin which means to conquer. It refers to a battle with the passions and bodily pleasures that the jainaascetics undertake. Those who win this battle are termed as Jina (conqueror). The term Jaina is thus used to refer to laymen and ascetics of this tradition alike.

It could also indicate thet Lord Vishnu conquered the Asuras or the Devas conquered them.

The Jaina meta Physics closely resembles, in fact most of them are from, Hinduism.

Jaina metaphysics is based on seven or nine fundamentals which are known as tattva, constituting an attempt to explain the nature of the human predicament and to provide solutions to it:[34]

  1. Jīva: The essence of living entities is called jiva, a substance which is different from the body that houses it. Consciousness, knowledge and perception are its fundamental attributes.
  2. Ajīva: Non-living entities that consist of matter, space and time fall into the category of ajiva.
  3. Asrava: The interaction between jīva and ajīva causes the influx of a karma (a particular form of ajiva) into the soul, to which it then adheres.
  4. Bandha: The karma masks the jiva and restricts it from having its true potential of perfect knowledge and perception.
  5. Saṃvara: Through right conduct, it is possible to stop the influx of additional karma.
  6. Nirjarā: By performing asceticism, it is possible to shred or burn up the existing karma.
  7. Mokṣa: The jiva which has removed its karma is said to be liberated and to have its pure, intrinsic quality of perfect knowledge in its true form.

Some authors add two additional categories: the meritorious and demeritorious acts related to karma. These are called puṇya and pāpa respectively. These fundamentals acts as the basis for the Jain metaphysics..

Jainism Karma Theory is the strict interpretation of Hindu Karma Theory.


As some of the Asuras did not follow these teachings, Lord Vishnu taught another body of thought saying ‘Buddhyatvam, Buddhyatha’.

The One who propounded this Theory was called the Buddha.

This body of thoughts became known as Buddhism.

Buddhism also closely follows Hinduism excepting the denial of God.

It may be appreciated that Adi Sankaracharya was called a ‘Pseudo Buddhist for his interpretations of the Mahavaayas, while arriving at Advaita.

Buddhism is Nihilist while Advaita defines Reality as Not Two.

This may be the reason for the fact that Jainism contains most of the Teachings of the Vedas, especially the Rules to follow in Life.

Source;Vishnu Purana.


16 thoughts on “Jainism Buddhism Created By Lord Vishnu.

  1. Best blog I have read. They jainism says that neminath defeated krishnav. Haha he passes gitacto krishna. Wat a story made by jainism to downlocate Hinduism and raise the followers of jainiya, but they don’t know that their tirthankar are humans and Krishna, Ram are supreme god the fatherscof tirthankars. Endvof story.


    1. Jainism doesn’t have any inclination towards downgrading any religion when it is completely based on truth and non-violence. There was nothing called Hinduism in ancient India. People were shivaites, vaishnavites and so on.. Jainism gives a linear and consistent history of all great spiritual persons called salakpurush which includes Ram, Lakshman, Krishna and Balram. As per Jainism, these all are great men but human in the end. There is no concept of GOD in Jainism. By GOD – an entity which can be a mediator between a person’s action and fruits. So, theory of karma is above all.
      Jainism is not limited to Tirthankars. Our mahamantra called navkar mantra covers all great souls who ever came to earth. It is the most secular possible mantra ever.
      Jainism is the true and tough path to liberation with no shortcuts given to appease to slightly weaker people. It is like PHD. Those people who dont have that much strength can take a little bit shortcut and do MSc and be content. For example, the angels like kuber and indra have supernatural power and can give gifts. So appease them for some worldly gift. But a true sadhak only follows the path of an enlightened yogi and rejects and shortcuts or temptations.
      That is why Jainism is so beautiful because it has refused to be sugarcoated or tried using allegories to explain the tough concepts of atman, universe etc. Jainism is not against vedanta. It says vedanta is absolutely right but there is more.
      There is so much to say. But space is not enough. Anyways, I wish people focus on purpose of religion which is self realisation which would lead everyone to the truth.


  2. This post is really wrong and seems you have derogatory views about jainism and buddhism. What you mentioned is not true brother. I urge you to start looking at things from logical standpoint.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the highest regards forcJainism and Buddhism. Please check my posts on Jainism especially on Sabda Bangi naya which is the best logical system in the world till date. I have quoted the Bhagavatam in the referred article and no disrespect intended especially considering the relationship of Arishtanemi with Krishna’s clan.. if my article has in any way hurt I am sorry. Hinduism Buddhism and Jainism are the three great religions , gift of India to the world. I shall be writing on Jainism and Buddhism shortly. Regds.


  3. And all stories you mentioned are fictions
    There was a time then some people fought with the residents
    You bhrahmins lebeled them ASURA
    There was no ASURA ..
    Everybody was human but some humans weren’t worship Agni , Vayu etc.
    You guys Lebeled them Asura.
    Then you steal their teachings of karma, soul, and all … And find some their great hero’s like Krishna Rama and made them bhrahmin in stories
    And some stupid people wrote stupid Vedas about sex between indra and indrani … Yes Vedas are full of sex stories
    And then you guys also mix up the teaching of rishabha and made the Vishnu’s avatar
    How stupid tricks you have been used
    In some stupid stories of SURA and ASURA
    Mummi ne khani sunai ya dadi me
    ASURA…??? Hahahahahahaha
    Kya kya majaak krte Ho ramanan swami


  4. The really awesome and stupid trick all Brahmins playing in india
    1. All great person in history were the avatar of Vishnu
    2. All gods and devsa also bhrahmins
    What a great India you guys use
    Now tell me some answers
    1.ikshvaku is called first king of bharata and his son was Bharat.. Iksvaku is lord rushabha deva himself.. Also mentioned in many Hindu scriptures
    Tell me if rishabha rhe first king and you Brahmin placed rishabha the 8th avatar of Vishnu then how he is 8th ..???
    Even there are mentioned many kings related to 1-7 avatars of Vishnu
    Then how ikshvaku was first king
    His grand father vaiyavast manu the first man of this era
    If this all is truth then rishabha must be 1st 2nd avatar of Vishnu .. Why a big gape of 6 avatars …???
    2. Krishna was a harimvanshi Kshatriya and Rama was ikshvaku(Surya) vanshi Kshatriya how come u made them BHRAHMIN…????

    3. Buddha never believed in god is creator … He never accept soul and karma..
    How he can be a avatar of Vishnu because according to you bhrahmins world is created by Vishnu
    This means Vishnu took avatar of Buddha to tell people that I didn’t create the world , there no soul, no karma
    How stupid stories that Buddha was avatar of vushnu 😁
    Matalb bhai ye to had Ho gai … Kuch bhi kahaniya bnao or hit Ho jao

    Truth is this that Vishnu isn’t creator of himself … He is just a deva
    Who is bond in birth and death like us
    In this world no one can create a single atom and no one can destroy a single atom not even Vishnu … Not even Shiva … Not even mahavira … Not even buddha

    No one can create soul .. It is endless (Krishna said it in geeta)
    If something cant be destroyed then how can anyone created the soul..??? Ask yourself

    Even Neminatha (Krishna’s cousin brother) taught Krisha the whole knowledge of geeta . Then he could able to pass it to Arjuna .
    Because Krishna wasn’t keval gyani
    He was not free of sins(killing,cheating,romancing and all)

    Please my dear brother wake up
    Be rational , be scientific, be able to think and analys better


  5. such a foolish theory dear who have wrought the artical .such type of artical have follows the intolerance .plz next time to wrought artical 100 time researches .


  6. Naive suggestion and stupid Blog, Ramani Please study hard before making such claims that wont stand on the test of time and truth. To start with can you Please tell me who wrote Vishnupuran and in which Century? Period?


  7. Pls do some home work before writing such foolish stuff.
    Jainism is the ancient most religion far before Vedas..and sanatan Dharm.


  8. there is also one more saying that as Kaliyuga moves forwards into a tougher phase, Sri Hari takes back the holy scriptures from earth and Buddhas teaching is not based on any scripts.. So by following the teachings of Buddha people are giving up the scriptures and this way may be the scrips might be lost.


    1. Dear Mr. Ramani

      Enhance your knowledge… read all the religion in depth and dont link everithing with blind faith. have you read Jainisam or Budhhisam ? If not then first read it. and then state that” vishnu ne asuro ke liye naya religion create kiya…” duffer dont spark without knowledge… because many people misguided by block…. Sanatan dharm , Jainisam and budhhisam all desctibe about release of soul from the cycle of birth and death….. But I think you are not aware about this truth…. you are just involved in just sur-asur war and all…… and making own fack story…


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