Avatars Of Lord Shiva List, Rudra Son Of Brahma

The essential difference between the  Avatars of Lord Vishnu and Shiva is that while Lord Vishnu is born from the womb as in Ramavatar,Krishnshnavatar,Parashururamavatar and the like, as far as I know Lord Shiva is not recorded of having been born of a womb.

Lord Shiva's Avatar
Sixty Four Divine Plays of Lord Shiva.

The explanation given is that Lord Shiva is ‘Ayonija’, one who does not stay in the womb.

However there are Avatars of Lord Shiva,Sixty Four in Number are narrated in the Tamil Texts of yore, ‘Thiruvilayadal Puranam’

I have not come across anything other than this in Texts.

In all these instances, Lord Shiva is not born to any one;He appears, attends to the job on hand and disappears.

I have found a list of Avatars of Lord Shiva in Koorma Purana.

The Twenty eight Avatars of Lord Shiva are,







7. Jai Kishhavyan.

8.Daadhi Vaahan.







15. Vedashreeshan.












27.Soma Sharma.


I do not fond any reference to these Names in the Vedas.

Some of the names mentioned here Pinda Muneeswaran,Muni are the names of the Grama Devatas or Gods protecting the Towns, who are generally described as belonging to lower Pantheon of Gods in Tamil Nadu.

Source: Koorma Purana.

There is again a mention of Lord Shiva’s Amsa, a reflection of Him in…as,

Sun as Rudra,

Water as Bhava,

On Earth as Siva,

As Pasupathy in Fire,

As Esa in Air,

As Bhima in Heavens,

As Fire in the bodies of Brahmins and as

Mahadeva, in Chandra, Moon.

Normally the Vedas describe Lord Rudra as an Amsa of lord Shiva and here it is the other way!

Again most of the references here are more in the nature of explaining the essentials of the Nature of the elements where Shiva is described to be residing in.

And to top it all, Lord Rudra is described as the Son of  Lord Brahma.

Source.Brahmaanda Purana.

Contributions on this subject is welcome.


8 thoughts on “Avatars Of Lord Shiva List, Rudra Son Of Brahma

    1. You shall find the 108 names in the Shiva Astotra.
      Images , please google respective ephithetes used in the namavali.Some of them may not be available.


  1. I dont think any religion teach violence but it is the creation of humankind. Any man of the Earth if tries to make the fight among people who dont know the reason of fight must be condemned. Then all the Earth will have peace and blessing from above heaven where only one God sits.


    1. Lord Shiva is described as Ayonijah,meaning one who never stays in the womb-Yoni in Sanskrit means Female Organ.
      One will find this reference in Siva Sahasranama.
      One would not find it in the Visnu Sahasranama.
      But there is a reference in the Vishnusahasranam” Vacaspati Ayonijah”-sloka 61.
      However facts of Avatars do not support thus statement.
      This term Ayonijah is used in Ganaphathy and Subrahmanya slokas as they were not born of woman.


  2. Good info Ramanan. Lord Shiva is indeed shrouded in mystery. Till now I had heard only about 11 Rudras, never about the avatars of Shiva. Indian mythology is so vast that the more you read, the more you want to know. Appreciate your article.


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