Sita was Not Abducted By Ravana Koorma Purana

I have been reading the Eighteen Puranas in detail for the past couple of days.

La tristesse de Sîtâ (Preah Khan, Angkor)
La tristesse de Sîtâ (Preah Khan, Angkor) (Photo credit: dalbera)

Though I knew there are some differences between the Puranas, I never did realize that there could be something fundamentally contradictory between their narrative details of the Ithihasa, especially the Ramayana!

Let me highlight afew of them.

Ravana Did Not Kidnap Sita to Lanka.

Though many of us are aware that there are various versions of The Ramayana,we assume that would be very minor,

For instance, some Ramayans state that Sita was not physically abducted directly by Ravana,”

a)The ground on which she stood was lifted by Ravana and he took of.

b)Ravana lifted Sita by her hair.

c)Sita was lifted by Ravana holding her by her hips.

But Valimiki states that Sita was abducted.

“In Aaraya kandam, Sarkam 49, page 151,
Sri C.R. Srinivasa Iyengar translates that
Ravana lifts Sita by his right hand by touching her thighs.
It shows Sita’s willingness
The point is that Ravana’s head will burst and his body will be burnt
if he touches a unwilling woman
It was a curse on Ravana”(
But leaving these points apart, there has been a aview that Ravana did not abuct the Real Sita at all!
I used to brush it aside.
But I found a refernce to this in The Koorma Puarana.
It states that Sita knew it was Ravana who had come in the form of a Sanyasi and hence she ,with the blessings of Agni,had a Maya Sita created and it was this Sita Ravana abducted and when when the Maya Sita enetred into the Fire after the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama, the Real Sita emerged and the Maya Sita dispeeared in the fire.
This is explained while extolling the Virtuous that those who are vituous will come to no harm.
The same is stated in The Brahma Vaivastha Purana.
Though the Puranas are old and are also authentic I still belive the Valimki version because the additional details provided in The Ramayana by Valmiki on Lord Ram‘s Birth,Death, His
Date of Birth are found to be true9Please read my posts on these).
Probably these are interpolations in the Puranas to insist on the Glories of Virtues.

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