World War II Photo Essay

There are some Photos I came across of World War II.

I am Posting a few.

World War II Photos
A man looks at Bodies in a Pit.
Wold War II
Praying near a Corpse.


World War II
Desolate Children.
Word War II .
Disconsolate Man near a Killed Child.
World War II
Sleeping with a Dog..


World War II
US Soldier sleeping in a Fox Hole.


Landing at Normandy.
Normandy Situation. World War II Click to Enlarge.





Author: ramanan50

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3 thoughts on “World War II Photo Essay”

  1. My heart is broken . What a horrible way to live , when all you wanted was peace and Freadom ….. Thank you to all who have sacrificed of themselves and family’s to fight for my Freedom today ,and my children’s freedom and hopefully for generations to come ,we all really just want the same things in life ….God bless All the Veterans and active duty men and woman who are still protecting us today and tomorrow 💞🇺🇸🎖🎗🗽


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