Historical Photos Essay

I came across some nice and memorable photos from History.

A Photo Essay.


Alfred Hitchcock serving Lion.
Alfred Hitchcock Serving Tea to Leo, The Lion, the Mascot of MGM.
Jacqueline Kennedy watching Kennedy.
Jacqueline Kennedy watching Kennedy debating with Richard Nixon,1960.
Prayer for the Titanic victims.
Priest praying for the victims of the Titanic before they are buried.
Orville Wright's First Flight.
Orville flying for the first time in 1911, for nine minutes.
Muhammad Ali  Cleveland Fight.
Muhammad Ali Vs Cleveland Williams 1966.


Pablo Escobar with his son in the eighties.
Pablo Escobar the Drug Lord,with his son in front of the White House.-Eighties.


Mongolian Woman sentenced to death, by Starvation.
A Mongolian Woman condemned to die of Starvation.


Helen Keller Teaching Charlie Chaplin
Helen Keller Teaching Charlie Chaplin Manual Alphabets. 1919





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