Patta Transfer Procedure Tamil Nadu

I am posting information on Patta Transfer in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu lProcudure for Patta Transfer made easy
Patta Transfer Tamil Nadu.

The procedure has been simplified recently.

Please read the PDF or down load.

One is from an eBook and another is from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Doubts may be addressed to the Department Head in The Tamil Nadu Government Portal.

Patta transfer

Patta transfer, a major transaction for purchasers has now been made easy after computerisation and certain administrative reforms that have been introduced in this office.

It may be recalled that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced in the Assembly on June 6, 2011 that the procedure for patta transfer will be streamlined to avoid delay and frequent visits by the petitioners to the taluk offices. Detailed instructions were issued thereafter via G.O. 210 dated July 8, 2011, to eliminate difficulties faced by public. Accordingly, Village Administrative Officers were empowered to receive patta transfer applications and issue a receipt of acceptance.

In cases which do not involve sub-divisions, applicants are advised to approach the taluk office on second Fridays with the original documents for verification. For cases involving sub-divisions the petitioner will have to receive the order of patta transfer on the fourth Friday from the date of submission of application. The applicant has to pay the sub division fee on the day of receipt of the order from the Tahsildar. This work would be completed within 30 days.


The zonal deputy tahsildar and revenue inspector would visit villages every Monday and Tuesday to monitor the receipt of applications. The Commissioner of Land Administration shall review the progress every fortnight. Every Friday is being observed as Patta Day in taluk office. The VAOs and field surveyors visit taluk office on every Friday to compete the process. The uncertainty surrounding the process has been eliminated as clear time limits have been fixed for officials to issue orders.

Regarding patta transfer applications, the applications seeking transfer of patta in Ambathur Taluk Office are being received both at Village level by the Village Administrative Officers concerned and at Taluk Office. All such applications are properly entered in the newly introduced software by which the Revenue Patta Transfer (RPT) Numbers are assigned for all the claim petitions. Thereafter, the sub-division involved cases are segregated and sent to Survey Section.

Parallel register

The Land Records Draftsman (LRD) will maintain a parallel register for sub-division cases and will distribute to the Field Surveyors concerned for inspection and report. In respect of Sub-Division cases, the 8-A numbers (as per proviso 8 of Survey and Boundaries Act, 1923) will be generated automatically for each case in the new software. The public can now have access through the new system and find out the status of his application from his doorstep, since the movement of RPT papers are being monitored online.

Due to introduction of the new system, transparency in administration and redressal of public grievance without any pain has been achieved. This not only keeps the public in comfort, but also drastically reduces corruption.

Deserve appreciation

V. Rajagopal, a resident of Anna Nagar Western Extension, said: “Taluk administration in Ambathur Taluk and the Tiruvallur District Administration deserves appreciation for having introduced a transparent, efficient and most responsible administration at taluk level to achieve the goal of excellent governance. It would be highly appreciable, if this system is implemented throughout the State, which will be the answer to the public grievances with Revenue Department.”



FAQs On Patta.

What is a patta?

This is an extract issued from the Register of Land holdings maintained, usually at the Office of the Tahsildar concerned. This is issued in the name of the person or persons in whose name the records relating to the holdings are maintained or may be available The issuance of patta signifies the lawful possession.

Who issues the patta?

Usually, the Tahsildar issues the Patta. Other officers are also empowered to do so depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

What is the procedure for obtaining patta?

Normally, an application has to be made to the Tahsildar in the form of a simple requisition to issue the patta, providing necessary details and documents. It is issued in the name of owner or in the case of joint holdings, in the names of the joint owners. If required, the officer concerned may require the applicant to furnish details in a particular format and may also hold enquiry before granting the patta. A survey may also be made if so deemed fit.

Does every patta has a plan or sketch?

In cases of patta which are “Extracts from Permanent Land Register” and “Extracts from Town Survey Land Register”, a topo plan is issued and is part of the patta. In the case agricultural holdings, the topo Plan is not usually issued.

Is it mandatory to have a patta for every property?

In case of properties which have buildings or structures, physical occupation and possession may be demonstrable. In case of vacant lands, this may not be possible. In such instances, patta is the main document for establishing lawful possession. Even in case of properties with buildings and structures, patta is the primary document to establish lawful possession. It also has other uses, especially when one is dealing with one’s property, as it contains many other vital details including the extent of holdings and in many cases, the measurements.

Is patta required for establishing ownership of apartments?

Patta is a document relating to land and not buildings, although the patta may include particulars relating to the buildings. In respect of apartments the land is usually owned by the co-owners in undivided shares and Patta is not issued for undivided shares of land. However, it may be possible to get the patta in the names of all the co-owners jointly. Patta issued in the names of joint owners does not specify the shares of the individual owners and in such cases of joint patta, there is scope for confusion. Also, depending on the nature of holding, Urban Land Tax or other taxes may become payable on the basis of joint patta. Otherwise, as related to individual holdings alone, the same may not be payable.

In what cases are patta transferred?

There are a few instances when patta needs to be transferred. Take the case of an owner, having a patta, expiring without leaving a Will. In such cases, the legal heirs of the deceased person are entitled to have patta for the property in their names.

In the case of a person leaving a Will, patta can be transferred to the beneficiary with the consent of others who will be the immediate heirs of the deceased person. The officer concerened may also require the production of Letters of Administration or Order of Probate in appropriate cases.

My seller has a patta in the name of previous owner. Is it mandatory for my seller to have patta in his or her name?

Although, it is possible to have the patta directly in the name of a purchaser or a transferee, after purchase or transfer, it is desirable that patta is available in the name of the seller or the transferor. To a certain extent, there could be an element of comfort if the seller is a known person or the transferor a close relative. It is also possible to ascertain whether patta will be issued in the name of the purchaser or the transferee and in cases where patta is not obtained by the seller or the transferor but documents are in order, it is best to check whether it will be issued directly in favour of the purchaser or the transferee.

The title deeds are in the name of one person. Patta is in the name of somebody else or one or more other persons?

This has to be approached on a case to case basis.

It is also possible to obtain a correct patta if there is an error or omission or oversight. Decision may be taken after obtaining legal advice.(The Hindu)


102 thoughts on “Patta Transfer Procedure Tamil Nadu

  1. There is a settlement which is planned between 3 siblings for which the buyer sibling is asking for Patta, Death certificate of the father,legal heir certificate. X is one sibling, Y was a minor at the time of purchase of the land and they have joint property in their name without a patta. They are planning to transfer the property to brother Z as settlement of property so that Z can sell the property to Buyer brother ‘A’.My questions are:
    1. Is it necessary to furnish a patta(at present no patta for the land property) to the buyer if there is a settlement? If so who should take the patta, is it the joint owners, or the ‘Z’ to whom the property will be transfered?
    2. Who should apply for a patta? Is it mandatory that the joint owners (X/Y) should physically be present to apply for a patta or can Z apply? or can the buyer apply for a patta?
    3. Where can I find a survey no and a subdivision no in the sale deed?
    4. If the sale deed is in 1986, but online data shows data from 1987, can we still get EC doc online?
    5. Can owners(X/Y) transfer the property from their name to Z without getting a patta?
    6. What is the procedure to transfer a property (settlement)?Plz note that ‘Y’ was a minor at the time the property was purchased, but X/Y has joint property in their name.
    NOTE: This is the case of a property which is in Mayiladudhurai, Tamil Nadu. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated


  2. how to get the copy of the original document of an agriculture land that was last by my grandfather, if that copy even doesn’t exist in sub register’s office, where can we go next to get it?


  3. Sir,

    I have applied for Tamil Nilam – SubDivision Patta on 29-12-2016 still it shows The application is pending with Firka Surveyor from 29-12-2016. Can I ask through RTI, Do you have any sample RTI form and to whom I have apply RTI Thasildar or Surveyor.


    1. Check this video on how to apply based on RTI act.. its as simple as drafting a leave letter. If you reach govt office employees in person, mostly likely you might get robbed off, unless you get to see some honest or a reasonable person in the seat.

      I would suggest to ask via an RTI with the acknowledgement of your application,

      whats the status?
      why is the delay?
      whats is expected from my end?


  4. Hai Sir
    My father died before 3 years and i have two sisters. my father buyed one Land in his name to build house , now my mother wants to transfer that flat land to my name with sisters knowledge,Please tell me the cost and procedure(whom to conduct)for name changing flat and how many days it took to change sir.


    1. K.Jayaraman,consultant,land lock release consultancy services,35 Maruthinagar,Trichy,621216 says:

      The fallowing copy of documents to be produced at your taluk office comman service centre for register your request for patta transfer request:
      1.authenticated sale deed made by your father
      2.parent document for the sale deed made by your father
      3.death certificate of father
      4.settlement deed made by your mother and sisters to you
      5 legal heirship certificate for your father from taluk office tax current payment receipt in the name of father from the village administrative officer chitta/patta in the name of father from taluk office
      8. current encumberance certificate from sub registrar office card/aadhar card/voter ID/driving license
      10.payment of service charge Rs.50/=


  5. Dear sir,
    I have a land 71 cent in sivagangai, it is my grandfather property, the sharing is over between my father and my father’s brother each 35.5 cent, but the patta was still in my grand father name. in 1992 under UDR scheme my father’s brother changed the patta illegally whole 71 cent in to his name. now he saying it is my land because the patta is in my name.what i want to do to get my land to my position. please give me a idea and procedure

    thank you



  6. Sir, I’ve a doubt, property is in my late grandpa’s name he has written a will n in that after him, his wife, 1st son, then 2nd son n his wife then it goes to d 2nd son’s son. I’m d only daughter, my grandma wrote a Codicil will that 2 different properties with equal worth has been divided between 2 sons. 2nd son has no rights in 1st son’s property n vice-versa. But my dad didn’t transfer the patta name. Now we approached Tahsildar office and there matter s taken to Register office. But the registerer is telling there was property clash among brothers n case was taken to court. But fact s there’s no such issue or case. What shall we do now sir? We’ve all supporting documents. Does Lawyer’s affidavit will support in further proceeding? Or is there any other option that can be done to prove our side. I’m sure there’s litigations n the Codicil will written. Please give a suggestion.

    Thank You


      1. Hello! Sir, Thank you but problem solved, our papers are clear n perfect as I told before. It was nothing but the person to whom we gave d documents confused the concern person n misguided him neither understood d deed nor conveyed him that Name transfer for Patta instead took him register office n asked him to Register d document which s already registered based on deed written by Grandma. Now I spoke directly to the concerned person n sorted out the problem. I need to Patta name transfer and nothing much.


  7. Hi Sir,
    I brought a 1200 sq.ft land in Karanai Puduchery Village near Guduvanchery, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kancheepuram District. Actually owner (seller) had 2400 sq.ft land and patta on his name. He splitted in to 1200 sq.ft each and sell the land to 2 different person.After i brought the land of 1200 sq.ft, we applied for patta through agent. I was not aware of the patta transfer procedure, so we applied through agent. I got the patta application reference number from agent, when i check online status is showing application is rejected and there is no feedback on rejected reason. Also in Request for section i see Tamil Nilam – Sub division. Now when i approach the agent, he said he is in touch with VO and VO is taking time. I am waiting for more than 1 year to get patta on my name. Please guide me how to proceed further to get patta on my name. Thanks.


  8. Sir , in what drawing base patta is issued. FMB drawing or layout drawing or as per document sizes. in some causes each drawing deffer to each other drawing in this cause which drawing based patta is issued. please give me reply


    1. Firstly, an application in the prescribed format should be submitted to Taluk Reception Officer requesting Patta. The copy of title deeds along with preceeding parent documents and previous patta (if available) along with Encumbrance Certificates for a period of 30 years should be enclosed along with the application form. A receipt will be issued acknowledging the receipt of the Patta application form. Subsequently one has to approach the concerned Surveyor (Sub Inspector of Survey) who will personally visit and measure the Property. If the site does not involve any Sub division, the Surveyor will immediately put up a note to the Taluk Sub Inspector of Survey (also known as TDS) who in turn will forward the note to the Deputy Inspector of Survey (Head Surveyor). The Head Surveyor will take approvals from Head Quarters Deputy Tahsildars or Zonal Deputy Tahsildars and the Tahsildar and orders will be passed for issuance of Patta. subsequently the applicant will have to remit a sum of Rs.20/- in State Bank of India, Treasury Branch and hand over the Challan back to the Taluk Office and the Taluk Assistant will fill up the Patta (manual extract) and the Land Records Draughtsman will draw the sketch from FMB Extract and he will also officially sign in the reverse side of the manual Patta and the Deputy Inspector of Survey (Head Surveyor), Head Quarters Deputy Tahsildar or Zonal Deputy Tahsildar and the concerned Tahsildar will also have to officially sign in the Patta.


  9. Sir I want apply in kanchipuram dist. Patta transfer can apply via online.what is the process once apply. Please explain .



  10. Dear sir, my grandmother to reg a land in my name, I am the her first son s child,but another two sons of her, file a case in court but first Tim the judgement was supposed to me and second time judgement against for me, now we file a case in high court the judgement is not yet to come, now I need to patta transfer for the land I have the original doc and ec also it was very clear,,,, the other party don’t have proper rg doc they hav only the court judgement copy its enough to patta transfer,,and they only have doc but its not registered…which is the right for patta transfer



  11. Thank you for very useful massages .Land is registered in my am in abroad .For me any on can apply patta from my family in Chennai.If have chance please explain the procedure.



  12. Could you please let me know how much we need to give to get a patta as we are demanded a lot of money to get the patta in the village.


  13. Dear sir, I hav one land the land patta was clearly in my name upto 2015 aug thereafter it was blank in the survey number and ask the patta DT but he not gave me a right ans for hw it was deleted and further what I can do I want to punish him and also get the patta I need to go consumer court and claim the case….


  14. Hi sir,
    In patta dispute case,after the final hearing and judgement patta not issued by RDO more than one and half year,what can I do further ,shall I approach by the way of RTI or CM Petition cell


  15. Sir, I’m in the process of purchasing a land in Pudukottai District. The A register records shows that Patta Number, land as “Punjai” and the owner name. The patta also shows same owner name. However, when I look at EC, I could not see the owner name anywhere. Is it normal? Im new to the land deals. Can you please guide me the essential documents to verify the ownership and there is no “villangam” Thanking you


    1. EC should show the Owner name.EC and Patta are the documents needed.also check if the property is Puarmboke or temple land,or converted agriculture land,


  16. I purchased a plot of land 693 square feet near thirumalpur on year back. For one year, the real estate firm salesperson was saying something like three months time, then chennai floods, then TN election, then computerisation of records etc. one year got over. the process of getting patta in my name is under process, it appears. today, received message that my patta has been rejected by tahsildar No reason provided. any reason why patta has been rejected? i am in a fix. approaching a lawyer is practicable? i am afraid the lawyer’s fees will be exorbitant and more than the plot value (approx. 2.70 lacs). please do advise. Thanking you.


  17. HI sir, I have purchase two land(plot) with real estate company on 18-08-2016.Five people owner for that (OLD) patta no is:1065 survay no:5/3C.
    Today i checked in online chitta: patta number changed to (NEW):1150 for survey no 5/3C, and the owner are now 6 people (old 5+1 new) in chitta, i am confused. shall I need to do Re registration with new survey No?

    Please guide me. I am scared now.


  18. I purchased one ground Land under sub-division at Vengaivasal and in the sale deed the survey number is shown 244./1A2B as per Patta issued to the previous owner. But while applying patta transfer,the surveyor conducted a survey of land and informed that Survey number in the sale deed is shown wrongly and the correct survey number is 244./1A2A for which a Rectification deed to be executed by me. But the Sub-Registrar insisted a letter of communication from Taluk office for the correctness of S.No.shown in Rectiification Deed. On contacting Taluk office, it was noticed that there is a discrepancy in records of VAO & Taluk Office in Survey No. and once it is set right the letter sought by me will be issued. But it is past 6 months, nothing has materialized and matter is being dodged. I have given online petition to District Collector/CM cell but no response so far. In the event of no fault on my side for the discrepancy in S.NO. how to solve the problem in transferring Patta in my name. Kindly guide me to approach the proper authority in the matter.


  19. I can see many of your answers are ambiguous and sounding blank’ corruption happens only in this ambiguity gap


  20. Hello Sir, I had applied for patta name change in Feb 2016. Today I received a message that patta transfer is rejected by Tahsildhar. Can you guide on what has to be done now? Can I verify online the reason for rejection?


  21. Hello Sir !Please Guide me as to How to proceed for obtaining a THANI PATTA, based on KOOTU PATTA of a DTCP approved Residential Plot in Kumbakonam Taluk. Thanks indeed.


  22. why so much corruption in taluk office. surveyor in sholiganallir taluk demands 30,000 for patta name transfer of my new purchased land with construction in kovilambakkam. Does tahsildhar also gets a share. surveyor is not ready to proceed further without money. more than 3 months so far. what should I do to stop this day light corruption


    1. Follow procedures and be prepared to wait for your turn.And have all documents needed.If despite all this some one asks for money record it and post it social media


  23. Dear sir
    how to correct the error in patta. We have agreeculture land. We got patta in govt scheme 1985. They have wrongly mentioned size of land in patta. Our land is 4.15 acres (as per register docu) but in patta they have mentioned 3.75 acres. Please help me to correct. What are all the procedure for that.


  24. Hello Sir,

    What is the procedure to rectify patta mistakes, my wife name was left out in Patta.
    Please assist me whom shoul I reach to rectify this.


  25. i have applied for patta transfer on 4-4-2016 through efiling counter and received to track the status of my application. normally how many days to comple the process.


  26. Hello sir.,
    My father had buyed a poramboku land near EHT line was going over our plot,it was above 120 mtrs approx.can I get pattah for this land in future…


      1. How to correct the name in patta. Actually my grandfather name appear instead of my father name. Please assist me


      2. File an affidavit along with the death certificate of your grandfather and if there is any Will submit a copy of it to the Revenue authorities. Get help from a Lawyer.


  27. Sir,

    I got a bank loan (construction loan). Got the registered document after 4 months delay. Now , I am struggling to get patta name transfer as patta transfer goes online throughout tamil nadu. Mine is a panchayat approved plot. It has been already 9 months lapsed. I have been told that panchayat approval is only valid for 2 years. Is it true?


  28. Sir,

    I purchased a piece of land through bank loan in Sriperumbudur taluk. I am struggling to get patta name transfer. I have been told that since patta transfer o computerization process it will take time. Is there any deadline for panchayat approval?. Because I got approved construction loan from bank and already 9 months has gone. Unable to get plan approval without patta name transfer. Pls advice.


    1. Kindly check with the local authorities.

      You can get a Photocopy of of the application for Patta Transfer and get a letter from the authorities that the application is received and the Patta will take time.

      And submit these documents wherever needed


  29. I have purchased an agri land 1.43 acres near kolumam village, madathukulam around 3.5 years back. I have not changed the patta in my name. What legal documents required in order to get patta in my name.
    I have only the sale document (registerd)


  30. Is patta essential for Plan approval? Can Plan approval obtained without Patta?
    My patta transfer is getting delayed because they said the taluk under which my land comes has been divided and transferred to a new taluk and computerization is still not ready? I would like to start the house construction immediately and I am worried about the delay in this process.


  31. Applications which has link from present pattadhars will be taken action immediately and the applicants will get the Patta definitely. The problem is demanding money from surveyors. That is the tahsildar and the Deputy inspector of survey has to forward the petition without any demand to the surveyors. And they will also be monitored by the chief officials like CLA AND JCLA. So this is an anti-corruption movement. Public should not corrupt the staff and let them be given the enough time to take process as it’s seniority based. I shared this as an wounded surveyor by the officials and brokers. Thank you. Am very sorry if anything I said mistaken. Thank you


  32. I have land of one ground in Madipakkam village which was purchased on 1984.
    At that time I am not aware regarding patta and considered only CMDA approval of land and constructed house and living till date. I regularly paid water and House tax and having proof with me. Now I applied Patta for the land and submitted application to the concerned office. They reviewed old records and identified that
    this land patta is in the name of one Dhanalaksmi ammal which was transfered in the year 1964, After around 7 transaction in this land nobody transfered the patta in their name. I provided 65 years of EC which provide all the details of transaction.
    Now they want the document which was registered in the name of Dhanalakshmi
    Ammal in the year 1964 I again approched the concerned Registered office and
    applied for duplicate copy. But the registered office said the above document is
    totally damaged and cannot give copy and they written in the application. I again
    went to the patta office and submited this again they refused to accept this.
    Please give me solution how to solve this issue.


  33. for my residential plot in Orathur the guideline value is 500. but agent says the govt has unnecessarily inflated the guideline value and now the value is only 250/sq.ft. is it true that the guideline value has no meaning?


    1. Guideline is for tax caculation while market value is for buying/selling.Guidline value is useful for calculating registration.This is the reason people undervalue property’s worth.


  34. Excellent material for all property owners and others connected to this matter. Serves to protect rights


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