Silk Road, Online Drug Site, The Story.

Drug was being sold deep Online at the site Silkroad in the Internet deep undercover.

Gawker did a story.

FBI  arrested the culprits and took the site down.

This is how a Drug was  brought.

( Some time back I Posted a Story that Amazon was selling Drugs Online)

Drug Online.
Buying Drug Online.



Tor isn’t just the tool of choice for Internet-savvy dissidents and Wikileakers: it’s also your passport to the underbelly of the web. It’s an ingenious little application that essentially masks a user’s IP address as different IP addresses, allowing you to switch your address whenever you so choose. It also allows you to access .onion sites, which make up the main topography of something called the Deep Web (which you can also refer to as Deepnet, the invisible Web, DarkNet, Undernet, or the hidden Web).

It’s part of the Internet, but it’s comprised of sites that aren’t indexed by search engines and take some fanaggling to find. Who uses the deep web? Mainly hackers, libertarians, and child pornographers – that and open-web enthusiasts, but mainly hackers, libertarians, and child pornographers. Some researchers believe it’s almost three times the size of the standard web. It’s like the Internet is an iceberg, and below the surface of the water are DIY Russian submarines with armed with digital missiles pointed at the world’s governments.

Online Drug PurchaseD
How To Buy Drug Online.


The latest Twist is that a Top Heroin Dealer in the Silk Route was a FBI Informant.

“The hits keep on coming in the Silk Road takedown. The latest twist in the story of the fall of the biggest drug market on the Dark Net is that one of its best-known dealers was busted and turned informant months ago,according to The Smoking Gun.



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