Paid Fake Reviews Online Apps Products Fined

Though I have fairly good number of Subjects and Categories I do not as a Rule write a Review unless I use the product or Services.

Online Reviews.
Paid Online Reviews.

I use the product, services, read the Book watch a Movie and offer my feelings about them.

Many people suggested, considering the Traffic of this site that I write Reviews for Products and Services and this would bring in Money.

I have also had offers from Companies asking me to write Reviews for their Products.

I do not write for money nor do I express my feelings which are not mine, nor do I write because I want to earn.

In my dictionary it is Prostitution.

I politely declined the offers.

I recently came to know by first hand that people who are planning to launch their products especially Application,s hire people to visit the site of the owner, Download the Apps and enter their Email ID as a Customer.

This they use to create the Illusion that their product/Apps is in Demand and they feel it might spur the Demand further.

Like Film Stars who , by hearing nonsense being written about them, start believing in them  and in the process ruin their Lives, these Entrepreneurs  are lost in this Gimmickry.

As one who spent nearly 40 years in Highly competitive markets,I can assure people that Gimmicks may earn for the chaps who suggest them, never for the Manufacturer.

At best, the best marketing team can place the product in the shelves.

Once the first demand is met the Product sells by itself, by its strength.

These Reviews, especially the fake ones,, are easily identifiable and are found out and it reflects negatively on the Product and even if the product is good the credibility is affected.

Sure way of committing suicide in the market.

Ad Companies , Promotion companies and self styled Marketing Consultants live by Lies and the unwary are caught .

However an Honest Review even if paid, where the negatives of the products, services are mentioned are quite alright as they enhance the value and credibility of the product service.

If some one asks me, offer money to review I do not mind if I am allowed to write what I feel,including the warts in the products.

Paid reviews have a long History, starting form Books to Apps now.

In the fall of 2010, Mr. Rutherford started a Web site, At first, he advertised that he would review a book for $99. But some clients wanted a chorus proclaiming their excellence. So, for $499, Mr. Rutherford would do 20 online reviews. A few people needed a whole orchestra. For $999, he would do 50.

There were immediate complaints in online forums that the service was violating the sacred arm’s-length relationship between reviewer and author. But there were also orders, a lot of them. Before he knew it, he was taking in $28,000 a month.(NYT 25 August 2012)

New York regulators will announce on Monday the most comprehensive crackdown to date on deceptive reviews on the Internet. Agreements have been reached with 19 companies to cease their misleading practices and pay a total of $350,000 in penalties.

The yearlong investigation encompassed companies that create fake reviews as well as the clients that buy them. Among those signing the agreements are a charter bus operator, a teeth-whitening service, a laser hair-removal chain and an adult entertainment club. Also signing are several reputation-enhancement firms that place fraudulent reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Citysearch and Yahoo.

A phony review of a restaurant may lead to a bad meal, which is disappointing. But the investigation uncovered a wide range of services buying fake reviews that could do more permanent damage: dentists, lawyers, even an ultrasound clinic.

“What we’ve found is even worse than old-fashioned false advertising,” said Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York attorney general. “When you look at a billboard, you can tell it’s a paid advertisement — but on Yelp or Citysearch, you assume you’re reading authentic consumer opinions, making this practice even more deceiving.”

Investigators working for Mr. Schneiderman began by posing as the owner of a Brooklyn yogurt shop that was the victim of unfair reviews. Could the reputation management firm gin up some good reviews to drown out the naysayers?”



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