The Drug That Eats Flesh

A flesh-eating drug is reported from Arizona,US.

Drug and pain.
Drug Abuse.

In a new report to be published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 6 patients ended as a result of using blow developing purple-colored patches of necrotic skin on their ears, nose, cheeks and other parts of the body.’ All this courtesy of most drug dealers favorite cutting agent– levamisole (which in English translates to animal de-wormer), which makes it in about 70% of the stash floating the US. At present the irritations have been turning up in the NYC and Los Angeles area. Not that will necessarily stop most die hard New Yorkers and Los Angelinos from using the good shit.

Counters study author Noah Craft, MD, PhD, Los Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center; ” “We believe these cases of skin reactions and illnesses linked to contaminated cocaine are just the tip of the iceberg in a looming public health problem posed by levamisole.”

And then there’s the fun stuff coming out of Russia, krokodil (“Крокодил” or “crocodile”), an opiate cooked out of gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acide, and red phosphorous” plus the key ingredient, codeine. According to a report out of animalny the stuff is 10 times harder than normal heroin and three times cheaper (a winning combination if you can fathom it).

What makes krokodi all the more appealing is its delicious ability of disfiguring you around the point of injection and leaving you looking like a bloated monkey with gangrene. Not sure how you’ll explain that one or the at the office.”

A homemade drug that causes severe damage to the flesh of those who use it has reportedly shown up in the U.S.

Previously reported in Russia, Krokodil, adisfiguring and potentially lethal mixture of codeine and hydrocarbons such as oil, paint thinner, gasoline or alcohol, has made its way to Arizona.

According to doctors at Banner Poison Control Center, two cases of the drug have been reported in the state in the past week.

“As far as I know, these are the first cases in the United States that are reported… We’re extremely frightened,” Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at the center, told KLTV.

Users filter and boil the drug before injecting it. Although LoVecchio said users believe the process removes the impurities, they are wrong.

Once injected, the drug causes damage to blood vessels and tissue that cause flesh to rot from the inside out. The horrific sores that some users develop resemble crocodile skin, which lends the street drug its name. The average life expectancy of a krokodil user is about three years, according to KSAZ.”

flesh eating drug.
Krokodil , flesh eating drug.
Flesh eating drug.
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3 thoughts on “The Drug That Eats Flesh

  1. you really need to do your research with these pictures…the 4th picture in your first pic( the collage) is of a young lady that died or a heroin overdose. Her parents released that picture as well as a few others of their daughter dead in order to raise awareness of heroin.Seriously don’t post if you have no idea what you’re showing…Or intentionally misleading people.


  2. I find your glib take on this disturbing… to say the least. As a nurse, who deals with this kind of thing on a daily basis – I can promise you that silly and childish reports of such serious things are unhelpful and actually quite false, in what you are stating statistically. You have failed to look well into this matter before reporting on it. Your blog is just plain silly, and effective only for people who wish to contribute nothing of real value to the world.


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