History Mathematical Equation India

History has been reduced to Mathematical eauation.

You can see where India that is Bharat stands.

Refer my posts under Hinduism.

Facts seem to tally.


Universe as Mathematics.
Universe in Mathematics.

History has been reduced to Mathematical equation.

You can see where India that is Bharat stands.

Refer my posts under Hinduism.

Facts seem to tally.

Most people think of history as a series of stories—tales of one army unexpectedly defeating another, or a politician making a memorable speech, or an upstart overthrowing a sitting monarch.

Peter Turchin of the University of Connecticut sees things rather differently. Formally trained as a ecologist, he sees history as a series of equations. Specifically, he wants to bring the types of mathematical models used in fields such as wildlife ecology to explain population trends in a different species: humans.

In a paper published with colleagues today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, he presents a mathematical model (shown on the left of the video above) that correlates well with historical data (shown on the right) on the development and spread of large-scale, complex societies (represented as red territories on the green area studied). The simulation runs from 1500 B.C.E. to 1500 C.E.—so it encompasses the growth of societies like Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and the like—and replicates historical trends with 65 percent accuracy.

This might not sound like a perfect accounting of human history, but that’s not really the goal. Turchin simply wants to apply mathematical analysis to the field of history so that researchers can determine which factors are most influential in affecting the spread of human states and populations, just as ecologists have done when analyzing wildlife population dynamics. Essentially, he wants to answer a simple question: Why did complex societies develop and spread in some areas but not others?

In this study, Turchin’s team found that conflict between societies and the development of military technology as a result of war were the most important elements that predicted which states would develop and expand over the map—with those factors taken away, the model deteriorated, describing actual history with only 16 percent accuracy.

Turchin began thinking about applying math to history in general about 15 years ago. “I always enjoyed history, but I realized then that it was the last major discipline which was not mathematized,” he explains. “But mathematical approaches—modeling, statistics, etc.—are an inherent part of any real science.”

In bringing these sorts of tools into the arena of world history and developing a mathematical model, his team was inspired by a theory called cultural multilevel selection, which predicts that competition between different groups is the main driver of the evolution of large-scale, complex societies. To build that into the model, they divided all of Africa and Eurasia into gridded squares which were each categorized by a few environmental variables (the type of habitat, elevation, and whether it had agriculture in 1500 B.C.E.). They then “seeded” military technology in squares adjacent to the grasslands of central Asia, because the domestication of horses—the dominant military technology of the age—likely arose there initially.

Read more: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2013/09/3000-years-of-human-history-described-in-one-set-of-mathematical-


The Land Mass and Seas described in the Vishnu Purana is as under.

1.Jambu Dweepa, surrounded by Salt Sea.(lavana)

2.Palaksha Dwipa, Surrounded by Sugar Cane Juice.(Ikshu)

3.Salmali Dwipa, surrounded by a Sea of Wine(Sura)

4.Kusa Dwipa, surrounded by a sea of Clarified Butter,Ghee(Sarpi)

5Krauncha Dwipa , surrounded by a sea of Curds(Durghda)

6.Pushkara is surrounded by a Sea of Fresh Water.



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2 thoughts on “History Mathematical Equation India”

  1. Hello mama,

    Iam happy to read your articles continuously. Nowadays you are sharing a lot of information , which is really valuable and which is not easily available. Now I request you to write about the Economy of our country the current scenario. I have read the articles of Gurumurthy , and about various models around the world. You can throw some light for the current rupee devaluation and the most suitable model for our country. Also after 1991- liberalisation ,(globalisation)- now we are in this state , and further where will it lead.

    I also viewed Vijay – TV –Neeya nana- program in this Sunday on the same topic.



    1. Thanks Raju.
      I will post on Economy.
      There some articles filed under economics, Business where I have spoken about God standard and the manipulation of world economy by the US


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